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Terence P. Jeffrey is editor-in-chief of the conservative US Internet news service, a position he assumed in September 2007. He became Editor of Human Events, a national conservative weekly in the United States, in 1996.

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Venture capitalist Andrew Yang is running for president as a Democrat. (Photo: Screen capture/Yang Campaign website) "I kind of miss the days of 3 major networks and a few news programs that said the same thing," he said. "While we can't get back there, we need to establish some rules of the road and standards so that our national discourse doesn't degenerate into a million incoherent news bubbles," he added. Who will make and enforce these "rules of

(File Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) They could have just kept going, but they didn't.It was another cold South Dakota day on Feb. 28, 1981, when Lee Litz went out with a friend to test-drive a Jeep.They picked up another friend on the southeast side of Sioux Falls and drove out a ditch-lined road through barren cornfields.Litz was 30 and married with four children. His wife, who was pregnant, was back at home confined to bed

Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Getty Images/Scott Olson) Were the United States of America transformed to conform to the vision that Sen. Elizabeth Warren embraces, many government agencies — such as those charged with enforcing the Green New Deal she co-sponsors — might resemble Big Brother. But the most insidious element would be a brainwashing babysitter. To Warren, parents who take care of their own preschool children are victims of a class war."Right now, high quality

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Do you have a right to run your business in keeping with your moral and religious values? Or can the federal government force you to act against your conscience and the teachings of your faith? Can the government force you — because you own a for-profit enterprise — to cooperate in the taking of an innocent human life?Sen. Kamala Harris of California believes the