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A lifelong approach to lowering cholesterol, starting in some kids as young as 2, is the United States' best bet to lower everyone's risk of heart attack and stroke, according to updated guidelines released Saturday by the American Heart Association (AHA). "Personalized" cholesterol-fighting tactics recommended by the guidelines include: More detailed risk assessments, to help figure out a person's specific risk of heart disease, including the use of CT scans to detect hardened arteries. Harder-hitting cholesterol drugs like

If there is one lesson learned from the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and events related to civil unrest, it is this – you must be prepared for the inevitable unforeseen circumstance, especially when it comes to stocking up on emergency food. Life is oftentimes unpredictable, and while you can’t prevent or avoid unexpected events – you can prepare for them. The Wise Company has established itself as the country’s leader in emergency preparedness for good reason. The Wise Company