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A small Ohio hospital is pushing the CMS to resurrect its ability to care for Medicare and Medicaid patients after the agency revoked its funding because the facility doesn't serve enough patients.The Medical Center at Elizabeth Place, a 12-bed hospital in Dayton, asked the CMS to resume Medicare and Medicaid payments that were terminated on Jan. 18. Federal lawmakers from Ohio are also pushing the agency to resume payments and give the facility an extension

The partial government shutdown, now on its 32nd day, has dried up a key cash flow for at least one rural hospital: a $3.2 million low-interest rural development loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.In the case of the small not-for-profit medical center in Pecos, N.M., the shutdown's freeze of USDA funding also halted financing of a costly construction project when the official in charge of the loan went on furlough. The project, a 9,000-square-foot