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Conservatives are rushing to embrace socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest Republican challenger Scherie Murray, presently making the rounds on Fox News and posing for photos with members of the Trump family. Murray seems to take all of AOC’s identity politics cards off the table. She’s black. She’s female. She’s an immigrant. All politically helpful qualities—but is she a Republican? In its rush to identify a suitable opponent for AOC, the Right seems to have neglected

A new major poll found that President Trump has the highest approval numbers of his presidency and his chances of reelection are virtually the same as former President Barack Obama’s were at the same time in his presidency. The Marist poll, conducted July 15-17 among over 1,300 Americans, 33% of whom identified as Democrats and 27% Republican, found that President Trump’s approval rating had risen to 44%; the highest previous number for Trump in the