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“Would the Left know if their own extremities showed up again?” Sadly relevant, this question, posed by filmmaker Robert Orlando, President of Nexus Media, Director of the films Silence Patton (released by Sony Pictures) and The Divine Plan, comes at a pivotal time in the Democrats’ history, as the poster children of the Left openly embrace socialism. A new documentary by Robert Orlando and Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of Political Science at Grove City College and author

In the past few months, Americans have seen major developments on abortion policy. New York recently passed a late-term abortion law and even lit up the One World Trade Center in pink to celebrate the occasion. In Virginia, a similar law failed to pass, but Governor Ralph Northam defended the bill, and some would argue that he even was defending post-birth abortion. Senate Democrats (aside from Jones, Manchin, and Casey), recently rejected a Born-Alive Bill