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I am at war with the mainstream media because they portray themselves as objective observers of reality, when they’re no such thing. They’re partisan critical theory hacks…  They have nothing but contempt for the American people. – Andrew BreitbartAndrew Breitbart loathed the mainstream media. If you have any doubt about this fact, watch the following videos. He was disgusted by them and wasn’t shy about saying it.[embedded content][embedded content]He called out the liars and frauds

I try resisting writing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because I truly believe she is a passing phase, an Omarosa, an Avenatti, a broken shard, a withering blade of grass, a fading flower, a passing shade, a dissipating cloud, a passing wind, flying dust, a fleeting dream, an accident that captures media attention for three months or even a year or two before fluttering out of sight, a fading echo replaced by a new belch.She was elected