The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!

After a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to commit mass murder last week — the second homicidal Bernie supporter so far this year — the media blamed President Trump for lowering the bar on heated political rhetoric by calling his campaign opponents cruel names like “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted.”

As soon as any conservative responds to Trump’s belittling names for his rivals by erupting in murderous rage, that will be a fantastically good point. But until then, it’s idiotic. Unlike liberals, conservatives aren’t easily incited to violence.

What we’re seeing is the following: Prominent liberals repeatedly tell us, with deadly seriousness, that Trump and his supporters are: “Hitler,” “fascists,” “bigots,” “haters,” “racists,” “terrorists,” “criminals” and “white supremacists,” which is then followed by liberals physically attacking conservatives.

To talk about “both sides” being guilty of provocative rhetoric is like talking about “both genders” being guilty of rape.

Nearly every op-ed writer at The New York Times has compared Trump to Hitler. (The conservative on the op-ed page merely called him a “proto-fascist.”) If Trump is Hitler and his supporters Nazis, then the rational course of action for any civilized person is to kill them.

That’s not just a theory, it’s the result.

A few months ago, 38-year-old Justin Barkley shot and killed a UPS driver in a Walmart parking lot in Ithaca, New York, then ran over his body, because he thought he was killing Donald Trump. During his arraignment, Barkley told the judge: “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.”

In the past year, there have been at least a hundred physical attacks on Trump supporters or presumed Trump supporters. The mainstream media have ignored them all.

Schoolchildren across the country are being hospitalized from beatings for the crime of liking Trump. In Pasco, Oregon, a 29-year-old Trump supporter was stabbed in the throat by a Hispanic man, Alvaro Campos-Hernandez, after a political argument.

Last month, the anti-jihad scholar Robert Spencer was poisoned in Iceland by a Social Justice Warrior pretending to be a fan, sending Spencer to the hospital.

It’s become so normal for leftist thugs to assault anyone who likes Trump that, in Meriden, Connecticut, Wilson Echevarria and Anthony Hobdy leapt out of their car and started punching and hitting a man holding a Trump sign, rolling him into traffic right in front of a policeman.

If any one of these bloody attacks had been committed by a Trump supporter against a Muslim, a gay, a Mexican, a woman or a Democrat, the media would have had to drop its Russia conspiracy theory to give us 24-7 coverage of the epidemic of right-wing violence.

The liberal response to this ceaseless mayhem toward conservatives is to produce a single nut, who fired a gun in the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C., last December (hurting no one) to “rescue children,” after reading on obscure right-wing blogs that the restaurant hid a Democratic pedophilia ring. (They’ve also hyped a long list of “hate crimes” that were utter hoaxes.)

Congratulations, liberals! You got one. And some tiny number of girls raped men last year. QED: Both sexes have a rape problem.

Liberal aggression has ratcheted up dramatically since the dawn of Trump, as has the dehumanizing rhetoric, but epic violence from the left is nothing new.

We don’t have to go back more than century to note that every presidential assassin and attempted presidential assassin who had a political motive was a leftist, a socialist, a communist or a member of a hippie commune. (Charles J. Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz, Giuseppe Zangara, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Sara Jane Moore.)

Instead, we’ll start in the 1990s. Al Sharpton’s speeches helped inspire people to murder two people in Crown Heights in 1991 and seven people at Freddie’s Fashion Mart in 1995. As scary as David Duke and Richard Spencer are, I’ve never heard of anyone committing murder after listening to one of their speeches.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, among other acts of violence, Obama supporters Maced elderly volunteers in a McCain campaign office in Galax, Virginia. They threw Molotov cocktails at, stomped and shredded McCain signs on a half-dozen families’ front yards around Portland. Another Obama supporter broke the McCain sign of a small middle-aged woman in midtown Manhattan, then hit her in the face with the stick.

(All this for John McCain!)

At the Republicans’ convention that year, hundreds of liberals were arrested for smashing police cars, slashing tires and breaking store windows. Police seized Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs and assorted firearms from the protesters. Elderly convention-goers were Maced and sent to the hospital after protesters threw bricks through the windows of convention buses. On the first day alone, the cops made 284 arrests, 130 for felonies.

That same year, California voters approved Proposition 8, banning gay marriage. In response, left-wing opponents of the measure ferociously attacked Mormon and Catholic churches, smashing glass doors, spray-painting the churches and burning holy books on their front steps. The mayor of Fresno and his pastor received death threats serious enough to require around-the-clock police protection.

(Although the measure would not have passed without the support of black voters, liberals held black people blameless for their opposition to gay marriage. Mormons and Catholics were a much funner target.)

In 2009, one conservative had his finger bitten off at a Tea Party rally in Thousand Oaks, California, by a man at a counter-protest. At a St. Louis Tea Party rally, an African-American selling anti-Obama bumper stickers was beaten up by two Service Employees International Union thugs, resulting in charges.

For the past few years, the media have enthusiastically promoted Black Lives Matter, hoping to galvanize the black vote. The mother of Michael Brown was even invited to appear on stage at the Democrats’ convention. But, as the British discovered with their Indian auxiliaries during the Revolutionary War, having ginned them up, they couldn’t calm them down.

As a result of the media’s tall tales about homicidal, racist cops, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts staged sneak attacks, executing two policemen in Brooklyn, five in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.

Liberals know damn well that their audience includes a not-insignificant portion of foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics, prepared, at the slightest provocation, to smash windows, burn down neighborhoods, physically attack and even murder conservatives. But instead of toning down the rhetoric, the respectable left keeps throwing matches on the bone-dry tinder, and then indignantly asks, “Are you saying conservatives don’t do it, too?”

No, actually. We don’t.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.
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  • I’d like to see a rigorous statistical study comparing liberal violence to conservative violence. I’d bet the balance is at least 10:1 more liberal than conservative violence. Maybe 100:1. Could even be 1000:1 if we start counting all the incidences of liberal violence that go without being officially reported. I think the reason for the imbalance of liberals being more violent is because liberalism is based inherently on the violence of redistribution and totalitarian social control. In order for liberals to get their liberal omelets they are going to have to smash a lot of eggs. Conservative policies on the other hand are consistent with peaceful means, working hard and saving money and investing wisely and trading for mutual benefit instead of just confiscating and redistributing.

    • I would bet that information would compare very comparably with the information on conservatives vs liberals when it comes to charitable contributions and time donated to community service activities. Liberals love to give “stuff” away in order to buy votes as long as it’s not their “stuff” that is handed out. Socialism is truly a learned mental attitude. Most people are not born evil but they learn very early in life from their parents or the liberally infected public education system.

  • Democrats are just flat out delusional, they truly hate everything American and our historical exceptionalism. Obama changed America by allowing people who easily want to be cared for by government, the easy life, drugs, welfare, watching TV instead of working all on other peoples dime. Is it any wonder they wouldn’t meet the call for them to dress in black, hide their faces follow the script of anarchists. We as Americans have always excelled at anything we put our minds too. They on the other had want to believe in what the left believes America is the problem in the world, Obama’s going around the world and appologizing about who we are. These people should be arrested anytime they are in a public forum wearing obviously clothing hiding who they are so they can create the carnage that Soros, Obama and the Democratic party want them to do.

    • Oblowhard was selling “perpetual victimhood” to the people most easily radicalized. That’s exactly what Adolf Hitler did to much of German society. He chose the Jews to blame for the economic problems that plagued all of Europe in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Obama chose hard working tax paying Americans to demonize and blame for the problems of the minority populations. Marx and Lenin chose the Bourgeoisie (read; Russian Aristocracy) to blame for conditions in Russia. Obama and the democrat communist party are just using an old model that has worked but only temporarily until the people they victimize decide they have had enough. Coming soon to an election near you.

  • Dear Lord – I am old so can you please get one of these liberal “thugs” to try and attack ME? Thanks.

    • ROFLMAO! Dear Lord, I’m old to just beam me up! LOL.

    • Blessed Yahowah, though I’m becoming middle age, I look forward to being included in your Yom Teruah harvest of souls, and I plan on cheering with all the enthusiasm I can muster as you cleanse these filthy little socialist, communist, and fascist vermin, along with all their followers and totalitarian political schemes, from the face of the Earth on the ultimate fulfillment of Yom Kippurym.

  • I may have posted this before, but…

    “Violence is the last resort of a limited mind. Violence is the first resort of a liberal mind.”

    • Love your avatar!!

      • Thanks. I get that reaction every once in a while. Despite many set backs I still plan on making a version of it available as a t-shirt which won’t violate copyright law. Then everybody can see a version with the small text and wear my avatar if they like my avatar. Wish me luck. Everyone who saw the ‘prototype’ laughed with approval.

  • REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION against these Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls and their idiotic, suicidal Leftist sycophants and to think otherwise is to be a chicken-sh*t fool, an enslaved fool at that! They are not going to relent or repent as the Bible prophesizes; they have been given over to reprobate minds that can not distinguish the TRUTH from LIES nor GOOD from EVIL – this is exactly where we now stand in these End of Age days!

    • You are totally correct. To back it up just take a good look at Ca. and New York. If anyone thinks those states are going to change think again. Moonbeam just past a 15 cent gas tax saying to repair our roads but we paid for that already and they stole it for his asinine bullet train which is another scam.

      • Likewise! Most people fear and therefore won’t verbalize the final solution but when good, decent, hard working people are pushed into a corner, they will strike back with enough force to reestablish balance and societal norms that have existed and worked for centuries.
        It is sad but as Thomas Jefferson once said “from time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots”. I believe we are on the edge of such a time. We now have a president that many, many people are willing to fight for.

      • And don’t forget the new budget now has 53 million so he (your tax dollar) can protect the ILLEGALS in the state from being deported.

        • How can I forget? I’m living in this chit!Hopefully not for much longer.

  • Communism is built on violent overthrow of governments. How do you think virtually every communist government has come to power? Of course, if people are dumb enough to give them control voluntarily they will gladly take it.

  • Well said as always Ann!

  • It is really too bad that Coulters detailed comments of all of the liberal violence and hatred doesn’t get any national exposure. Not that it would do any good after all isn’t the democrat communist party the party of tolerance, love and fairness? Oh, that’s right that’s what Islam claims to be. When Islam and the DCP seem to be comrades in arms. Thank God I was taught by my parents to actually use my own brain instead of bowing to the ravings of the inmates of an asylum.

    • It is up to us to spread this across the nation to everyone on your email list, not just the conservatives, but especially your democratic friends.

  • Ann is right about the media trying to hide these things. I listen and read a lot of different articles from different sources and some of these attacks I never heard of, or there have been so many I can’t remember them all. This is so pathetic is so many ways.

  • Isn’t Pasco in Washington?

  • The amount of crime and violence committed around the entire country which is “hidden” from the public by the “Main Street Media” is absolutely astounding! When it comes to honest crime reporting, maybe a public supported medium posted by the Fraternal Order of Police, using honest compilation of violent crimes supplied by the FBI and other agencies, would open the eyes of those who do not see nor understand what is going on in America today. Anarchy.