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Obama Abandons Israel

While Christians across America were preparing for the Christmas holiday, the Obama administration threw its sympathies and support to those who oppress Christians in the cradle of Christianity — Bethlehem and elsewhere.

The move by the Obama administration to abstain and not veto an anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution, unprecedented in American Israeli relations, provides a strong hint of why Americans voted for change in November.


Because, despite President Obama’s relatively high approval ratings, there has been a deep sense that something is fundamentally wrong in the country and that the ship of state needs to be pointed in a new direction.

This dissatisfaction, I think, starts with a loss of clarity of what our country is about. This flows directly from our leadership, which starts with the person who sits in the Oval Office.

The United States is supposed to be a beacon of freedom, shining inward across our land and outward across the world. This light has been flickering, as the Obama administration’s passion has been to extol the left-wing values of secular humanism, rather than the principles of a free nation under God.

Israel is the only free nation in the Middle East and is one of the freest nations in the world.

This isn’t just a matter of opinion. Freedom House in Washington, D.C., issues an annual Freedom in the World Report that rates every nation according to political and civil rights.

Nations are given a quantitative rating and then ranked Free, Partly Free, or Not Free.

Israel is the only nation in the Middle East categorized as “free” in this report. Its neighbor, only a few miles away, the Palestinian Authority, is ranked Not Free, with a cumulative score, on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being totally free, of 30.

The U.N. Security Council voted 14-0, with the 15th member of the council, the United States, abstaining, to condemn Israeli settlement activity in disputed territories captured by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967.

If the U.S. exercised its veto power, the resolution would have been nullified. But it didn’t.

Why did the Obama administration turn its back on our longtime friend, the only nation in this highly troubled region that shares America’s political, religious and cultural traditions, and instead cast its sympathies with those who point a finger at their Israeli neighbor while they oppress their own people?

In fact, by the Freedom House rating, Israel is freer than eight of the 14 Security Council member nations that voted to censure it.

Support for Israel is not a vote for oppression against Palestinians. Rather, it shows those in the world who live under oppression that the principled leadership of the United States understands what freedom is about and that these principles will not be compromised under any circumstances. This can only help the Palestinian people.

This perverse move by the Obama administration was particularly bizarre in the middle of our holiday season.

American Spectator magazine reports that, because of intolerance and oppression by the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Christians now constitute 1.3 percent of the Palestinian population, down from 15 percent in 1950.

In Bethlehem, the Palestinian Christian population now stands at 15 percent of the population, down from 70 percent.

Meanwhile, in Israel, according to the report, the Christian population has increased by a factor of five since the founding of the country.

The beauty of freedom is the possibility for change.

Despite veering off course, Americans can enter the new year, with a new administration, resolved to get our nation back in the right direction — the direction of economic freedom, of religious freedom, of political freedom. This can only be good news for our own citizens, and for our friends around the world, like Israel.


Star Parker
Star Parker is an author and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.
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  • Luther R. Norman

    If Obama refuses to change his position and supports the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine, he has bought himself a great new set of problems! Since Obama was fully supported by Israel all along (actually put in place by them to be president!), he could face ‘sanctions’, leading to him not seeming so favourable in the history books!!

  • jfl

    So, during the Six-Day War in 1967 when Israel was attacked by her Arab neighbors, she “acquired” the disputed territories. If she had to return the territories, then the attackers would have suffered no consequences for their attack. Now almost 50 years later it’s pc to be Muslim and bash Israel. This administration is deplorable.

  • Robert

    We are starting to see why the U.S. government, infested with characters like Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hitler-y Clinton, and others like them, earns the condemnation of no less that Yahowah (God) Himself. Here is what He prophesied about 2750 years ago, about 2500 years before this nation even existed:

    Woe, expressing dissatisfaction and a warning (howy) to the land (‘erets) of whirling and buzzing (tsalatsal) wings (kanaph) which (‘asher) is from (min) the region beyond, situated on the opposite side of (‘eber) the direction of (la) the rivers (nahary) of Kuwsh (the Nile Delta and Northern Mesopotamia) (Kuwsh). (18:1) [Whirling and buzzing wings, like those on helicopters?]
    It dispatches (ha shalach) envoys (tsyr) by way of the sea (ba ha yam). And so (wa) in floating vessels (ba kaly gome’) on the surface (‘al paneh) of the waters (maym), the messengers (mal’ak) travel (halak) swiftly, indulgently, and immorally without any regard for the consequences of their mission (qal / qol).
    This nation of people from different races and places (‘el gowy) is tall, intoxicated, and immodest, and they have a propensity to take things away from others (mashak). They are scrubbed clean, smooth-skinned and completely shaven, and yet typically reckless (wa mowrat). These people (‘el ‘am) are feared for causing distress through intimidation and awesomely dreadful acts, but are also respected by some for their achievements and capabilities (yare’) from here to there and beyond in a future time (min huw’ wa hala’ah).
    This population which is comprised of many different races (gowy) routinely vomits up and spews out nonsense in a strange foreign language, talking down to others, mocking them, while continually marching off to war based on this condescending and moronic rhetoric (qaw), always trying to impose its influence, establishing the rules, while eagerly expecting to throw inhabitants out of their land (qow). It aggressively subdues others, trampling them down (wa mabuwcah). This (‘asher) country (‘erets) is divided (baza’) by rivers (naharym). (18:2) [A single nation of people from different races and places – American melting pot, anyone? A propensity to take things away from others – like liberties? Like property through “civil asset forfeiture”? Like land and property rights, even the land one lives on, as the bureaucracies tried to do with the Bundy ranchers? Like the Obama regime is seeking to do with Yahowah’s Covenant Family in Israel? Feared for causing distress through intimidation – like the IRS? Vomits up and spews out nonsense – such as “global warming” alarmism? Such as “the Russians hacked our election!”? Such as “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? Always trying to impose its influence, establish the rules, and eagerly expect to throw inhabitants (such as Israelis) out of their land, and aggressively subdues others, trampling them down – sounds like a perfect description of the Obama regime and the Democrat party, doesn’t it? And America is divided by dozens of rivers.]
    All of (kol) those who inhabit (yashab) the Earth (tebel), and also (wa) those who dwell in (shakan) the Land (‘erets), when (ka) the sign on the upright pole (nec) is lifted up to demonstrate My purpose (nasa’) on the Mount (har), you all will actually see, gaining a perspective to genuinely understand (ra’ah), and also (wa) when (ka) the Showphar Ram’s Horn Trumpet (showphar) sounds at this specific time to convey this plan (taqa’), you all will listen, paying attention (shama’). (18:3)

    Woe to you, Barack Obama! Woe to you, John Kerry! And woe to you, whoever Obama’s U.N. representative is. By taking this hostile action against Yahowah’s Covenant Family, and therefore by extension against Yahowah Himself, you have just allied yourselves with The Adversary (if you weren’t already long before), and will share his fate. Not exactly a surprise, as you have been acting Adversarially (Satanically) against the American people for your entire term of office – you have simply confirmed your Adversarial nature.