Website Sponsorships (Self-Service)

Self-Service Site Sponsorships

As the establishment media scrambles for funding between bouts of mergers and purges, Freedom’s Back is a self-sufficient endeavor thanks to our innovative display and email advertising options.

In 2016, served 1.3 million pages to 354,000 unique web visitors across 830,000 user sessions. Our average reader consumes 1.6 pages per visit, and stays on the site for more than 2 minutes.

Freedom’s Back Site Sponsors are introduced to our readers through a linked business name or logo that displays on every page. Minimum sponsorship term is 90 days.

Just enter your text headline (or logo) in the form to the right, and then click ‘continue’ to pre-pay with PayPal.  We’ll immediately get your sponsorship into rotation and in front of every viewer.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Your cost is just $90 $45 for a text link, $180 $90 to display your logo.

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