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Retired Special Operators: Benghazi ‘Epitomizes’ Obama Administration’s Failed Policies

An organization of retired U.S. military special operators has responded to the Benghazi committee’s final report by lambasting what it sees as profound failures on the part of the Obama administration and other government officials. James Williamson, co-founder of OPSEC, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting special operators from political machinations, did not pull any punches…

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  • Lorraine E

    Perhaps the illegal transfer of weapons to terrorist organizations is what the Benghazi murders were all about. Dead men don’t talk so it was most likely expedient to allow the Americans who were calling for help to be murdered. There are people in Washington D.C. who should be in jail because of the murders which they enabled to occur. I’m so ashamed of my government and I no longer recognize my country.

    • Laddyboy

      Lorraine E: It is not the Country of America that should be ashamed of. It is the current governmental REGIME who IS to BLAME for trying to have a “bloodless” COUP. The SLAUGHTER that is occurring is just an added emphasis to push the unenlightened people in America to force the acception adoption of the barbaric CULT law known as sharia.
      All hail the IDOL allah that sits in Mecca.

  • Laddyboy

    This needs to be REQUIRED reading in schools across America.
    Benghazi was the result of a weapons trade agreement with the islamists by the then Secretary of State ‘h.r.clinton’.