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The First Firestorm

That hysterical reaction to the travel ban announced Friday is a portent of what is to come if President Donald Trump carries out the mandate given to him by those who elected him.

The travel ban bars refugees for 120 days. From Syria, refugees are banned indefinitely. And a 90-day ban has been imposed on travel here from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Was that weekend-long primal scream really justified?

As of Monday, no one was being detained at a U.S. airport.

Yet the shrieking had not stopped. All five stories on page one of Monday’s Washington Post were about the abomination. The New York Times’ editorial, “Trashing American Ideals and Security,” called it bigoted, cowardly, xenophobic, Islamophobic, un-American, unrighteous.

This ban, went the weekend wail, is the “Muslim ban” of the Trump campaign. But how so, when not one of the six largest Muslim countries — Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey — was on the list? Missing also were three-dozen other Muslim countries.

Of the seven countries facing a 90-day ban, three are U.S.-designated state sponsors of terror, and the other four are war zones. Clearly, this is about homeland security, not religious discrimination.

The criterion for being included in the travel ban appears to be that these places are the more likely breeding grounds for terrorists.

Yet there are lessons for the Trump White House in the media-stoked panic and outrage at the end of his first week in office.

First, Steve Bannon’s observation that the media are “the opposition party,” is obviously on target. While Sen. Chuck Schumer was crying on camera that the ban was “un-American,” the media were into the more serious business of stampeding and driving the protesters.

A second lesson is one every White House learns. Before a major decision is announced, if possible, get everyone’s input and everyone on board to provide what Pat Moynihan called the “second and third echelons of advocacy.” Those left out tend to leak.

A third lesson Trump should learn is that the establishment he routed and the city he humiliated are out to break him as they broke LBJ on Vietnam, Nixon on Watergate, and almost broke Reagan on the Iran-Contra affair.

While the establishment may no longer be capable of inspiring and leading the nation, so detested is it, it has not lost its appetite or its ability to break and bring down presidents.

And Trump is vulnerable, not only because he is an envied outsider who seized the highest prize politics has on offer, but because his agenda would cancel out that of the elites.

They believe in open borders, free trade, globalization. Trump believes in securing the Southern border, bringing U.S. industry home, economic nationalism, “America First.”

They want endless immigration from the Third World to remake America into the polyglot “universal nation” of Ben Wattenberg’s utopian vision. Trump’s followers want back the America they knew.

Our foreign policy elites see democratization as a vocation and an autocratic Russia as an implacable enemy. Trump instead sees Moscow as a potential ally against real enemies like al-Qaida and ISIS.

There is another reason for the reflexive howl at Trump’s travel ban. The establishment views it, probably correctly, as the first move toward a new immigration policy, built on pre-1965 foundations, and rooted in a preference for Western-Christian immigrants first.

When the Times rages that “American ideals” or “traditional American values” are under attack by Trump, what they really mean is that their ideology and agenda are threatened by Trump.

We are headed for a series of collisions and crises, and what has happened in Europe will likely happen here. As the Third World invasion and growing Islamization of the Old Continent — which the EU has proven unable to stop — has discredited centrist parties and continuously fed a populist-nationalist uprising there, so may it here also.

And Trump not only appears to have no desire to yield to his enemies in politics and the media, he has no choice, as he is now the personification of a surging Middle American counterrevolution.

Undeniably, there are great numbers of Americans who agree with the libels the Times showered on Trump and, by extension, his backers whom Hillary Clinton designated “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … deplorables.”

But by whatever slurs they are called, Middle Americans seem prepared to fight. And history shows that such people do not calmly accept the loss of what is most precious to them — the country they grew up in, the country they love.

They have turned to Trump to lead them. Why should he not, having been raised up by them, and knowing in his own heart what the establishment and the media think of him and would do to him?

Ten days in, and already it is “Game On!”


Patrick Buchanan
Patrick Buchanan has been a senior advisor to three Presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and was the presidential nominee of the Reform Party in 2000.
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  • Madevu

    Why must he or anybody else bend down to the Muslims it is unfortunate that the liberals or middle Americans are so up in arms about the safety of there country, but I suspect that it is the Muslims them selves that are the instigators and that the American people must unite with there President and not let sick people dictate to him

    • Herb1949

      It is NOT MIDDLE AMERICANS that are protesting President Trump’s actions. It is a bunch of socialist idiots that are afraid they will lose their freebies.

      It was middle america that elected Trump.

  • Thistle

    I am really looking forward to the next two years. Democrats do not have the ability to impeach Trump without a number of Republicans helping. That would be the absolute death rattle for the Republican Party.

    The long term strategy being played by Dems and their lapdogs in the media is to use the early days to manufacture faux talking points for the leftist echo chamber and gin up high emotion from their base. Then, they will settle back and snipe for two years just to keep the pot simmering.

    Trump does not appear to be in any way about to let them do it without penalty.

    • Tim Kern

      “Democrats don’t have the ability to impeach Trump…”
      They have no reason to impeach Trump. You don’t impeach a president because you lost the election and you’re upset.

  • Mydogrules

    Liberals have proven time and again that the facts will not stand in the way of their anti-American agenda.

    • mikinzla

      And the stupid American public has proven time and time again that they will get away with it.

      • Mydogrules

        Not any more. People have finally wised up by the facts that the liberals have lost control of the House, Senate, White House and over 1,000 seats in state legislatures across the country.

  • Andrew White

    The Left has chosen delusion and lack of acceptance. They therefore must fight a losing battle that will only hurt them. Great!

  • John C Raby

    We actual Americans are all looking forward to Trump running OUR country. Our country does NOT belong to the parasite hysterical left. If they want it so badly then let them come and take it from us.

  • John C Raby

    As for me, I am fed up with the lot of them.

  • skipfoss

    I am so damn sick of the Liberal slugs like Shummer,Mcpain and Graham fighting everything that PRESIDENT TRUMP tris to do ,WE voted him into that office but you have a bunch of the dumbass’s that should be behind him are stabbing him in the back piss on these mental midgets thepeople have spoken they don’t want the same old foot dragging bastards to hold up what we wanted done , we don’t want radical Muslims in this country killing OUR families like they did under OMUSLIME this half breed Muslim bastard opened our borders and brought in murderers in to kill our govermnment with their F–king Sharia law there was a reason that a ban was put on Muslime’s from being in our country in the fifties because they subvert every country they have been allowed into. KEEP THESE LYING MURDERING GOAT HUMPPING CAMEL JOCKS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY or we,will it is time to lock and load and go after the bastard that let them and those who defend the low life bastards

  • WBC

    Yes, Pat, GAME ON! It’s about time we had someone on our side with the guts to push back. I hope the milquetoast Republicans in Congress are challenged in the primaries in two years and the challengers win those primaries and go on to win seats in Congress at the general election. Trump will then have allies in the Congress tp help us with this fight to get CONTROL of our country back from these socialists. In the meantime, we should stop patronizing the sponsors who spend money advertising on the socialist net works and in the socialist newspapers. Get ’em where it hurts the most— in their POCKET BOOKS.

    • jfl

      Fully agree! I’m more careful of what movies I watch and avoid supporting the outspoken liberal actors. Buying more “Made in the USA” products.
      Starbucks hiring refugees??? Hey, there are Americans out of work!

  • goldie

    Ideology divorced from reality is very dangerous. We need to have factual bases for all that is taught in our schools – common core is garbage and produces these ideologically led sheeple.

    • Tim Kern

      Divorcing ideology from reality is perfect, though, because rational arguments don’t stand up to emotionally-held “convictions.”
      You can’t fix stupid. But you can exploit it.

  • pilgrimsjog

    Right before our eyes, the democrat party has being reduced into a party in deep decline and irrelevance. The power based of the modern democrat party is hollyweird, elitist globalist, fake news media, icons of popular culture, communist university professors and their snowflake students and the many inner-city urban ghettos run by corrupt urban democrat political machines. In other words, the modern democrat party is merely a collection of narrow-minded special interest groups that the rest of the country watches in shock on television. Once Trump makes inroads into the inner-city democrat ghettos, the democrat party will be finished!

  • donl

    If Trump were to kick Soros out of the country all these Wussie protesters would go back to their parents basements.

    • Tim Kern

      Oh, if only it were so easy.
      What would help, though, would be serious and immediate prosecution of our domestic enemies — Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Huma Abadin, and of course Hillary Rodham Clinton and the rest of the Clinton Crime Family. Set the example that our laws matter, even to the ruling class.
      And prison, not fines. Drain the swamp.

  • John Johnson

    When will the truth be told? Hey Idiots! Whose Behind the Curtain manipulating these people? Why the hysteria? The same people pushing Communist World domination from the beginning… Zionist Jews. Not all Jews – Zionist NWO Communist Jews. Enough BS – Look behind the curtain.

  • TheBucko

    “When the Times rages that “American ideals” or “traditional American
    values” are under attack by Trump, what they really mean is that their ideology and agenda are threatened by Trump”. Great truths here by Mr. Buchanan!!

  • jackel

    If it were not for the persistent liberal media, the liberal left would be up a creek without a paddle, but, we all know that they have the press in their back pocket, so it will be an uphill fight. Just a whole lot of yelling and false reports coming against president trump and his agenda and people. Wonder what would have happened if the liberal media would have wolfed Obama like they are doing to the present administration ? But, as the song goes, take me back to country roads, we, middle America, want our America back, that has served us well for 200 years.

  • Luther R. Norman

    For the many of us naive enough to think ‘Freedom’s Back’ because Trump is at the helm, these asinine attacks on immigrants and even tourists just to cause a reaction. Tell me you are not put out to be held captive in a US airport, for kicks? All of these antics have a way of blowing back in one’s face eventually!

  • William B Stoecker

    King Hussein succeeded in polarizing the nation…and maybe that will turn out to be a good thing. Over half of us are relatively sane patriots; the hard left and their Islamic comrades have dwindled to perhaps a third; and the clueless fence sitters are, at most, a sixth or so of the population. With every childless tantrum by the left and every cowardly act of mass murder by the Muslims, our attitudes harden. We are armed and fighting mad…God help the elites if they murder Trump or even manage to sabotage his program.

  • Tim Kern

    “Of the seven countries facing a 90-day ban, three are U.S.-designated
    state sponsors of terror, and the other four are war zones. Clearly,
    this is about homeland security, not religious discrimination.”
    They’ll make less noise from outside the country or from behind bars.