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Can Trump and Putin Avert Cold War II?

In retaliation for the hacking of John Podesta and the DNC, Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and ordered closure of their country houses on Long Island and Maryland’s Eastern shore.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that 35 U.S. diplomats would be expelled. But Vladimir Putin stepped in, declined to retaliate at all, and invited the U.S. diplomats in Moscow and their children to the Christmas and New Year’s party at the Kremlin.

“A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger,” reads Proverbs 15:1. “Great move,” tweeted President-elect Trump, “I always knew he was very smart!”

Among our Russophobes, one can almost hear the gnashing of teeth.

Clearly, Putin believes the Trump presidency offers Russia the prospect of a better relationship with the United States. He appears to want this, and most Americans seem to want the same. After all, Hillary Clinton, who accused Trump of being “Putin’s puppet,” lost.

Is then a Cold War II between Russia and the U.S. avoidable?

That question raises several others.

Who is more responsible for both great powers having reached this level of animosity and acrimony, 25 years after Ronald Reagan walked arm-in-arm with Mikhail Gorbachev through Red Square? And what are the causes of the emerging Cold War II?

Comes the retort: Putin has put nuclear-capable missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave between Poland and Lithuania.

True, but who began this escalation?

George W. Bush was the one who trashed Richard Nixon’s ABM Treaty and Obama put anti-missile missiles in Poland. After invading Iraq, George W. Bush moved NATO into the Baltic States in violation of a commitment given to Gorbachev by his father to not move NATO into Eastern Europe if the Red Army withdrew.

Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, says John McCain.

Russia did, after Georgia invaded its breakaway province of South Ossetia and killed Russian peacekeepers. Putin threw the Georgians out, occupied part of Georgia, and then withdrew.

Russia, it is said, has supported Syria’s Bashar Assad, bombed U.S.-backed rebels and participated in the Aleppo slaughter.

But who started this horrific civil war in Syria?

Was it not our Gulf allies, Turkey, and ourselves by backing an insurgency against a regime that had been Russia’s ally for decades and hosts Russia’s only naval base in the Mediterranean?

Did we not exercise the same right of assisting a beleaguered ally when we sent 500,000 troops to aid South Vietnam against a Viet Cong insurgency supported by Hanoi, Beijing and Moscow?

That’s what allies do.

The unanswered question: Why did we support the overthrow of Assad when the likely successor regime would have been Islamist and murderously hostile toward Syria’s Christians?

Russia, we are told, committed aggression against Ukraine by invading Crimea.

But Russia did not invade Crimea. To secure their Black Sea naval base, Russia executed a bloodless coup, but only after the U.S. backed the overthrow of the pro-Russian elected government in Kiev.

Crimea had belonged to Moscow from the time of Catherine the Great in the 18th century, and the Russia-Ukraine relationship dates back to before the Crusades. When did this become a vital interest of the USA?

As for Putin’s backing of secessionists in Donetsk and Luhansk, he is standing by kinfolk left behind when his country broke apart. Russians live in many of the 14 former Soviet republics that are now independent nations.

Has Putin no right to be concerned about his lost countrymen?

Unlike America’s elites, Putin is an ethnonationalist in a time when tribalism is shoving aside transnationalism as the force of the future.

Russia, it is said, is supporting right-wing and anti-EU parties. But has not our National Endowment for Democracy backed regime change in the Balkans as well as in former Soviet republics?

We appear to be denouncing Putin for what we did first.

Moreover, the populist, nationalist, anti-EU and secessionist parties in Europe have arisen on their own and are advancing through free elections.

Sovereignty, independence, a restoration of national identity, all appear to be more important to these parties than what they regard as an excessively supervised existence in the soft-dictatorship of the EU.

In the Cold War between Communism and capitalism, the single-party dictatorship and the free society, we prevailed.

But in the new struggle we are in, the ethnonational state seems ascendant over the multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial, multilingual “universal nation” whose avatar is Barack Obama.

Putin does not seek to destroy or conquer us or Europe. He wants Russia, and her interests, and her rights as a great power to be respected.

He is not mucking around in our front yard; we are in his.

The worst mistake President Trump could make would be to let the Russophobes grab the wheel and steer us into another Cold War that could be as costly as the first, and might not end as peacefully.

Reagan’s outstretched hand to Gorbachev worked. Trump has nothing to lose by extending his to Vladimir Putin, and much perhaps to win.


Patrick Buchanan
Patrick Buchanan has been a senior advisor to three Presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and was the presidential nominee of the Reform Party in 2000.
  • Ron C

    Well yeah Trump & Putin could stop a cold war, if McCain & Graham would shut their damn mouth’s, and stop trying to go to war with Russia over a lie, from their adopted democrat party…

    • Jerryb53

      Ron, you can hear the taste of War mongering every time McCain and Lindsey speak. Their hard on for War only is dwarfed by their erectile dysfunction.

      • Arizona Don

        Your absolutely correct Jerry both are over and above everything else war mongering. Even though I’m from Arizona and conservative I do not in any way support John McCain! I do not see him as conservative. At best he is a RINO!

  • Tim Kern

    “The unanswered question: Why did we support the overthrow of Assad when the likely successor regime would have been Islamist and murderously hostile toward Syria’s Christians?”

    It’s not “unanswered” at all. It’s entirely consistent with Obama’s strategy: Obama supported the overthrow of Assad BECAUSE the likely successor regime would have been Islamist and murderously hostile toward Syria’s Christians.

    • Jerryb53

      That’s what happened in Lybia.

  • glenn398

    Good for Trump as the cold war had done nothing but bring us closer to a real war, it is time the U.S. gets it’s nose out of everyone else’s problems. The middle east directly affects Russia but means very little to us in comparison.

  • Randy

    I love Photo chopping look at the Pic Closely Putin’s Body has been doubled on the Horse and trumps head put on For the Moronic people out here will really think Trump is ridding with Putin and this Pic also opens up other questions about Trump without saying it I will say it this Pic almost is saying Trump and Putin are Gay and Lovers of each other and No I am not being sexist just stating the facts as I see them.

  • William B Stoecker

    One of the main reasons why I voted for Trump is because the neocon Witch would likely have got us into a war that would escalate into a nuclear holocaust. Since Afghanistan, Russia has done limited incursions into Crimea and Georgia and is aiding the relatively moderate Assad in Syria. The US has been in unending war for many years in Iraq, Somalia, Iraq again, Afghanistan, Libya, and now again in Iraq and in Syria, always supporting the Islamists over the relatively sane dictators. And let’s not forget how we bombed Christian Serbia to aid the Bosnian Muslims. So who is the real threat to world peace here?
    Our King Hussein has sold arms to Mexican drug cartels and released thousands of violent criminals in America. It has opened our borders to an invasion, persecuted Christianity, pushed a radical “green” agenda, pushed the radical Glibett (GLBT) agenda, and left four Americans to die in Benghazi. Putin has protected Christianity, opposed the Glibetts, and limited immigration. So which one is the real tyrant?

    • Jerryb53

      Well said.

  • Dick Ellis


  • Arizona Don

    Of course they can avoid a cold war II if they want to. However, it is obvious obama could not have. Trump and Putin respect each other. Putin had no respect for obama the same way obama has no respect for the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. As a matter of fact in place of respect there is hatred. It is not difficult for anyone to see who watches.

    Everyone knew prior to obama’s election he had no abilities or experience in foreign affaires. They justified electing him by saying Biden did. That did not work out well at all mostly due to obama’s ignorance and narcisstic attitude. No one seemed to care then. No one cares to this day and obama has mucked up everything he has touched. Even domestically. There is little doubt obama is the biggest mistake Americans ever made. History will prove out in years to come he was elected to the highest office in the land because he was black.

    Donald Trump is smart enough to see into the future and Russia needs America and America needs Russia if we are ever to defeat these terrorists. Both know it. Both want to defeat them.

    Reagan got along with Russia (Soviet Union) and so will Donald Trump. obama thought everyone was just going to melt at his feet because the main stream media did just that. The whole world saw him as weak and ineffective. That is why China is building an island in the south china sea. They know obama will just look the other way. He is a coward.

    • Ron C

      The new media knew Obama was useless, but they also new Soros was pulling his string using Jarrett as the go between…the media did what Soros told them to do, which was melt at Obama’s feet and put on the show!

  • Big Guy

    I agree, but Pat, did you have to use that disturbing picture? *sigh*

  • Thank you, Mr. Buchanan. I wish your voice here was on every news network. But I know it will get through to those who desire the balanced viewpoint.

  • Ron

    The Establishment (Military-Industrial Complex) will do anything get more wars going, hot or cold. With a peacemaker in the White House, maybe we can reverse this trend. I would just caution Pres Trump: don’t ride in open motorcades near grassy knolls.

  • Robert

    Some prophecy from Yahowah (God), combined with political events we have witnessed of late, suggests that Trump and Putin will be able to avoid a second Cold War for the duration of Trump’s term. But look out when the first Democrat president to succeed Trump takes over – (s)he will apparently coerce Israel into giving up the “West Bank” to the Muslim enemy, and in so doing, cause war on a scale never seen before, nor ever to be seen again, complete with “pillars of fire, columns of smoke, and hail mixed with blood”. (About the only thing Yahowchan could have added to his description would have been “clouds in the shape of mushrooms”.)

    “A prophetic pronouncement regarding (masa’) Damascus (Drameseq): behold (hineh), Damascus (Drameseq) is revolting and corrupt and will be removed from among inhabited cities. It is degenerate and unrestrained and shall be abolished (suwr min iyr). And (wa) she shall actually become (hayah) a twisted and tangled (ma’iy) heap of rubble (mapalah). (17:1) [The fall of Damascus sets these following events in motion. And the Obama regime is seeking to HASTEN these events by trying to overthrow Assad?!?!]
    Abandoned and forsaken, deserted and destroyed will be (‘azab) the inhabited regions and populated cities (‘iyr) of ‘Arow’er, speaking of the outcasts in Jordan and Lebanon (‘arow’er). For there will be (la hayah) roaming animals fighting in militant militias failing miserably (‘ader), but then (wa) there will be no one to terrorize (‘ayn charad). (17:2) [Sounds like a perfect description of the Islamic State jihadists.]
    Then (wa) the fortified places and defensive structures (mibtsa’r) will cease to exist (shabath) on account of (min) the Northern Kingdom (‘Ephraym), along with (wa) the government (mamlakah) out of (min) Damascus (Drameseq), including (wa) the remnant (sa’ar) of Syria (‘Aram), for being similarly (ka) vehement and burdensome, fanatical and onerous, dimwitted and enraged (kabowd).
    The children (beny) of Yisra’el, those Individuals who Engage and Endure with God (Yisra’el), shall actually continue to exist (hayah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah () of vast array of spiritual messengers and envoys (shaba’). (17:3)
    And (wa) it will actually come to pass (hayah) in that day (ba ha yowm) that the size of (ha huw’ kabowd) Ya’aqob, a synonym for Israel (Ya’aqob), shall be decreased to the point of no longer being sustainable (dalal), and (wa) the fattest, best protected, and most vital midsection (mashman) of his body (basar) shall be leaned, shrinking in size (razeh). (17:4) [Sounds like Israel gets coerced into giving up the “West Bank” to the Muslim enemy, with the predictably disastrous results.]
    Then (wa) it shall be (hayah) like (ka) gathering in and receiving (‘acaph) of a harvest, of reaping the grain from the chaff in season, cutting it away so as to remove it from a vexing time of grief (qatsyr), thereby establishing and validating the standing grain (qamah). And with (wa) His Sacrificial Lamb, His strong arm and ability to shoulder burdens, His visible appearance as light (zarowa’), He will collect and harvest (qatsyr) the first fruits (shibolym). But (wa) it shall be (hayah) as (ka) a gleaning, a smaller secondary harvest (laqat) of ears of grain (shibolym) in (ba) the valley (‘emeq) of Rapha’ym, in the midst of souls destined to die (Raphq’ym). (17:5) [Yahowah (God) sees that World Wars III and IV have just been set irrevocably in motion, and harvests His Covenant Family out of the world before the nastiness of The Tribulation starts, as promised. This is the ultimate fulfillment of Yom Teruah, what Jews currently call Rosh Hashana (“Head of the [Babylonian] Year”), and Christians commonly call “The Rapture”.]
    So (wa) in him [speaking of Ya’aqob, and thus Yisra’elites and the Children of the Covenant] (ba), there will be those who leave based upon the choices they have made (sha’ar), gleanings, smaller, secondary harvests (‘olelah), as in going around, encompassing, and shaking them off as a means of harvesting (ka naqap) an olive tree (zayth): two or three (shanaym shalowsh) ripe olives (gargar) in the top, uppermost (ba ro’sh) branch (‘amyr), four or five (‘arba’ chamesh) on her fruitful branches which have been separated (ba ca’yph parah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah (), the Mighty One (‘elohym) of Yisra’el, of those individuals who engage and endure with God (Yisra’el). (17:6) [The ripe olives on the uppermost branch seem to be symbolic of those who are racially Israelites, and the other fruitful branches symbolic of adopted-in Gentiles. So this seems to suggest that about 2500 native-born Israelites and about 4500 Gentiles, for a total of about 7000 souls will be fundamentally transformed (in a POSITIVE way) from sin-prone mortals to incorruptible spirits and vanish without a trace from the face of the earth that day, and everyone else will be left behind to endure The Tribulation.]