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New Democratic Spin Cycle: Launders Money, Gets Out The Toughest Sleaze!

The Democrats have two very different profiles. One is their public face of absolute moral purity. They’re just better people than Republicans.

That’s what you’re buying when you walk into the Democratic store: pure virtue. They’ve got nothing else on the shelves. No beef jerky, no wiper fluid, no Gatorade.

The other profile is reality: In the backroom, where the employees eat lunch, the Democrats and their fat-cat donors are committing unspeakably sleazy and immoral acts.

Everyone on the left knows this. That’s why, the moment Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator, his reflexive response was not to apologize. Accused of the kind of rapes you’d usually need a gang to commit, he put up a virtue shield by attacking the National Rifle Association.

As we recently discovered, first with Weinstein and then with the Hillary campaign paying for the Russian dossier, the left has an all-new trick that exponentially multiplies the Democrats’ sleaze factor.

It used to be that Democrats like Bill Clinton would deploy FOBs — Friends of Bill — like James Carville and Sidney Blumenthal to smear his victims. Now, they run their Watergate-style “ratf—ing” through law firms.

Ronan Farrow writes in this week’s New Yorker that Weinstein deployed a raft of spies to befriend and deceive his accusers in order to collect information that could be used against them.

A spy with the Israeli private investigations firm Black Cube used a fake name and fake foundation to meet actress Rose McGowan. Then, pretending to be a deeply sympathetic women’s rights advocate, the agent secretly tape-recorded the actress, hoping to get incriminating evidence against her.

At a minimum, this is unspeakably repellent and possibly illegal.

And who hired the spies? Not Weinstein! The law firm of David Boies, prominent Democratic attorney.

Using a law firm as a cut-out between the client — an alleged sexual predator — and the people stealthily recording his accusers has one very useful purpose: It places the spy agency’s work behind the protection of attorney-client privilege.

Boies pretends to be steeped in the ethics of his profession, flying to California to argue against the “hate” of Proposition 8 and rushing to Florida after the 2000 election to defend Al Gore’s rightful claim to the presidency.

But now we find out he’s been harassing and intimidating a rape victim on behalf of his client (the rapist) with private eyes who lie about their identity and motives, wasting hours of the victim’s time with false promises of support for her cause — a cause she has taken up precisely because of her alleged rape by the lawyer’s client.

Whether or not this violates any bar association ethical canons, it’s certainly despicable.

Two weeks ago, we found out that the law firm cut-out maneuver was the exact same technique used by Hillary’s campaign to obtain damaging information on Donald Trump from the Kremlin — the infamous Russian dossier. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee shelled out $12 million seeking incriminating information on Trump from Russian government officials.

Just like Weinstein, the Democrats funneled money for a nefarious purpose through a law firm. To wit: The Democrats paid a law firm (Perkins Coie), which paid a private investigations firm (Fusion GPS), which in turn paid a spy (Christopher Steele), and Steele paid Russian government officials for dirt on Trump.

When the media found out that Donald Trump Jr. had taken a meeting with a friend of a friend, because she claimed to have incriminating information from Russia on Hillary, the word “treason” filled the airwaves.

Hillary’s vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine (D- Va.), called Don Jr.’s pointless meeting “potentially treason.”

MSNBC’s favorite former Bush official, lunatic Richard Painter, said anyone who “wanted to help the Russians (disrupt our election process) engaged in treasonous conduct.” Al Sharpton said that the willingness to accept “information to discredit your potential opponent in an American election from Russia — from what is supposed to be an enemy state” — raised the prospect of treason.

If that’s “treason,” then what is it when the Democrats reach out to the Russians and pass them money for dirt on Hillary’s opponent in a presidential election? Wasn’t that dossier an attempt to discredit her opponent and disrupt the election?

Remember: Don Jr. didn’t seek a meeting with any Russians to get compromising information on Hillary, nor did he receive any. The Russian woman was using the pretense of having dirt on Hillary as a ruse to get a meeting, so that she could lobby Don Jr. on the Magnitsky Act.

Unlike Don Jr., the Democrats didn’t wait to be asked! They paid $12 million, funneled through a law firm, seeking information on Trump from Russian government officials.

But we’re not allowed to mention it because the Clinton campaign and DNC used Weinstein’s money laundering technique.

The attorney-client privilege is intended to ensure that people are completely truthful with their attorneys. It is not supposed to be a shelter for any sordid, and possibly illegal, behavior by liberals.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.
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  • I think Hillary’s aide/attorney Cheryl Mills was used for similar purposes. Any who, Jonathan Turley was on Fox last night and said he does not think the dossier stuff can be prosecuted. He did say that the Uranium One situation was potentially prosecutable. Later on Hannity, Steve Bannon said twice that he thinks Sessions should appoint a special prosecutor on Uranium One. The FBI treated Hillary with kid gloves on the emails she deleted and over the years she has escaped the long arm of the law on countless matters that were suspect. What is it about the Clinton’s that inoculates them from being indicted and/or prosecuted?

    • Fear !

    • Too “connected” to ‘fail’? In other words, they have too much incriminating evidence on others and those they don’t have dirt on, are on their payroll, or are too afraid to talk, or are dead already.

  • Wanna find out just how Corrupt the Dems. are? Google; Dinesh D’Souza speech 9-22-2017, this guy did his homework, surprised the hell outta me, they really are nasty, I have voted for Dems. before. NOT anymore.

  • Progressive liberal demoncrap commies are the scum of the earth and have done nothing except to destroy America and the rest of the world with their Anti-American Anti-Constitutional progressive agenda. Their protesters aka antifa and blm who are nothing but rioters and looters who sponge off of the government. A good moviee to watch available on youtube is The enemy within. It is 118 minutes and is worth a watch. Another good watch is Hullary’sAnerica by D’nesh Desouza

  • Let’s face it, people…. Hillary and the Democrats will never be held accountable as long as the MSM covers for them. No prosecutor will go after them. As long as most people either defend them, or don’t care enough to demand justice, they’ll continue to skate by. It sucks, I know. But that’s the reality of it.

  • What have I missed, and when? When did democratic officially become a noun instead of an adjective. I get so incensed when I see the words democratic and democrat used interchangeably. Ann is a well educated woman; she’s supposed to know better. The Democrat Party is anything but democratic Please, people, stop referring to it as the Democratic Party. IT’S THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, damnit.

    • Thank You!!!

      • Amen!

  • Take em out!

  • According to Ms. Coulter, our vote is slated to count less and less. Someday our opinions, cares and concerns won’t matter one bit. We will have no representation. We need the WALL. And, stop the flow of refugees.. period.

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