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IRS Political-Targeting Smoking Gun

When President Barack Obama says there isn’t a “smidgen” of political targeting by the IRS, he’s right. There is now overwhelming, conclusive evidence the IRS is systematically targeting nonprofit organizations that promote views and actions contrary to those of Obama and his party.

The latest shocker, even to experts following the IRS for decades, is published by WND today. It’s a simple story but presents an open-and-shut case that the IRS has been discriminating against conservatives for nearly 20 years — and the Obama administration has knowingly taken advantage of policies implemented by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and set them on hyperdrive.

Here’s what WND found in an investigative report published today: In the late 1990s, after the Clinton administration was found to be directing politically motivated audits through the IRS, the agency found a way to have a nongovernmental agency do its dirty work. Since then, a left-wing nonprofit organization, the Urban Institute, has been paid by the government to review the tax filings of thousands of other nonprofits — including conservative groups.

Think about that. Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. Imagine if liberal nonprofits’ activities and donations were reviewed by, say, the Heritage Foundation, which got tens of millions of dollars to provide the service to the government.

Do you think that would fly?

Do you think liberal and left-wing groups would stand by and willingly submit for scrutiny their mandatory IRS compliance filings and applications for tax-exempt status to an organization known to oppose their agendas? Is there any doubt in your mind that the liberal and left-wing groups would be screaming from the housetops over such blatant unfairness?

That’s what has been going on for nearly two decades after Bill Clinton’s IRS established the precedent of using the tax agency to attack its political enemies and adversaries.

And this has only gotten worse under the Obama administration. How do we know? Because the Urban Institute, which gets most of its money from government contracts, has been receiving record amounts of taxpayer dollars since tea party groups and other conservative organizations discovered in the last two years that they were being singled out for discriminatory targeting.

Do you see why I call this the smoking gun in the political abuse of the IRS, which is still the most feared agency in the federal government?

I’m optimistic all fair-minded people involved in government will see this scandal for what it is. They might disagree over the motivations for setting up the Urban Institute as the policeman for most nonprofit groups. They might disagree that the Urban Institute has been unfair to groups with which it disagrees. They might disagree that the Obama administration has taken advantage of this bad decision made by the Clinton administration and exploited it. But no fair-minded, clear-thinking person could honestly say that placing the Urban Institute in charge of reviewing filings by other nonprofits with opposing views and agendas could possibly be equitable, just and an idea beyond reproach.

It’s a scandal demanding a thorough investigation by Congress or an independent prosecutor. By the way, there’s a lot more to this scandal. This is the tip of the iceberg. WND will be publishing much more information about it. It’s a story that goes back 20 years — a story few fully understand, a story that has been deliberately obscured by some in the media and underappreciated by even the targets of this outrageous government abuse.

It’s time to alert your members of Congress, make noise, share the stories with your friends and talk radio shows, and prepare for battle.

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