Immigrant Of The Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

Last Friday, Nigerian immigrant Henry Williams Obotetukudo, aka Henry Bello, opened fire with an AM-15 rifle at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, killing one doctor and injuring a half-dozen others. I would prefer to leap right in and offer my ideas for stopping these immigrant shooting rampages, but first I’ll have to tell you the facts the media won’t.

The New York Times, still unaware there’s an internet, is trying to pass off the Nigerian as a Californian, the non-doctor as a doctor, and Mr. Obotetukudo as “Dr. Bello.”

In the Times’ major biographical profile of Bello the next day, he was described as a “sharp dresser from California.” The only other reference to the shooter’s provenance came several paragraphs later: “Dr. Bello lived in California off and on from 1991 until 2006.”

ABC News had reported on the day of the shooting that Bello was a “Nigerian national” — so the cat was already out of the bag, New York Times. Local New York station PIX11 also reported that he was a Nigerian. Even newspapers in Ohio knew that Bello was a Nigerian.

But as we go to print, the Times still has not identified Bello as a Nigerian immigrant. It issued a “correction,” but only to clarify the exact street of a homeless shelter where Bello had lived. No correction to the “California” bit.

Sadly, the Times didn’t allow any comments to the online version of its story, but CBS did. There were four comments, two about the incident (“rot in hell”) and two about CBS’s report:

“Where was Bello born?”


“Where is he from? Where did he receive his medical degree? Worthless reporting.”

You’re not fooling anyone, media.

Having misled readers about Bello’s nationality, the Times professed utter bafflement about the shooter’s motive, saying it was “marked with as many questions as answers.”

If the Times simply reported facts, instead of strategically constructing news stories to protect favored groups, it might have noticed that there have been a LOT of mass shootings by certain types of immigrants.

There are mental illness shootings, gangland shootings, still-angry-about-the-divorce shootings and so on. Some immigrant murderers are mentally ill or criminals — thanks to our excellent and extremely rigorous vetting system! But there are enough like Mr. Obotetukudo to qualify as their own category: the Disappointed Immigrant mass shootings.

The usual elements are: 1) immigrants from wildly different cultures, who have 2) unrealistic expectations about what their lives should be like in the U.S., combined with 3) an inability to achieve success in the U.S., and 4) a failure to grasp our customs — often, even our language, typically marked by 5) a particular rage at women.

The same way girls from the Midwest come to New York City expecting to live like Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” (she was paying $700 a month for a $2,700 per month apartment, plus $40,000 on shoes), some immigrants seem to expect their lives in the U.S. to be like something out of “Dynasty.”

Bello, for example, declared bankruptcy in 2000 — from one of the priciest towns in the world, Santa Barbara, California. And he just kept failing. He was fired from the Bronx hospital. He lost his license as a “pharmacy technician.” (He was not a “doctor,” despite the media’s insistent reference to him as one.)

The Nigerian couldn’t even pull off being a fake doctor, sounding more like a character out of a comedy sketch. Co-workers described him as “very aggressive, talking loudly, threatening people.” Once he was arrested for fare-jumping — just like your trusted family physician. Recently, he’d been living in a homeless shelter.

His Third World approach to meeting women resulted in his being arrested in 2004 for lifting a 23-year-old woman off the ground in Greenwich Village, while trying to penetrate her through her underwear and saying “You’re coming with me.” Although initially charged with felony assault, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor — otherwise he might have been deported and America’s beautiful mosaic would be diminished.

Apart from the turnstile jumping, all of Bello’s arrests involve similarly rom-com, meet-cute scenarios. In 2003, he was arrested for kicking in an ex-girlfriend’s door at 5:10 in the morning. In 2009, he was charged, in separate incidents, with harassing women by trying to look up their skirts.

All this insanely inappropriate behavior would have continued ad infinitum, with American women being sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism, but, finally, the Unstoppable Force of Diversity met the Feminist Immovable Object: He was fired from the hospital for sexual harassment.

In his revenge shooting, he killed one doctor: a woman.

Bello blamed his firing on “racism and discrimination,” so at least he was capable of assimilating to the American custom of immigrants being constantly aggrieved.

Close observers will notice the same basic pattern over and over again. Immigrants from backward cultures develop extravagant expectations about their lives in America, fail to master the most rudimentary civic habits, and then erupt in shooting rampages when their lives aren’t turning out as planned.

One will find similar elements in the many, many immigrant mass murders — Jiverly Wong (American Civic Association, Binghamton, New York); Nigerian immigrant Peter Odighizuwa, (Appalachian School of Law); Palestinian immigrant Ali Hassan Abu Kamal (Empire State Building), Bosnian immigrant Sulejman Talovic (Trolley Square Mall, Salt Lake City); Hmong immigrant Chai Soua Vang (hunters in Wisconsin); Mexican immigrant Salvador Tapia (Windy City Core Supply); Korean immigrant Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Poly Tech) and on and on.

Liberals have a mystical idea that we can pluck people from the most discordant cultures, put them in middle-class houses in the suburbs and then, magically, primitive tribesmen will be imbued with the core beliefs of our republic and civilization, developed over centuries.

Instead, we have Aztecs getting loaded up on Tecate and hopping behind the wheels of cars; Nigerians demanding to be called “doctor” while picking up women on the street and trying to drag them home; and Hmong responding to the concept of private property by wiping out a pack of Wisconsin hunters.

The New York Times might even help their Muslim friends by reporting the truth! Perhaps some Muslim mass murders — Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon and the Orlando nightclub, for example –- aren’t problems of Islam, at all. Maybe the problem is assimilation.

It would be a major step forward if the media would just stop lying to us. Until then, Times reporters can still be issued badges, but they shouldn’t be press badges.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.
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  • A man with this background…How did he acquire an AR-15? Such an acquisition does require a background check.

    • He probably obtained it through the maoscumunist’s Fast and Furious program.

    • The imaginary gun show loophole?

    • He may have brought it in from out of town. How many gun stores are there in the boroughs? I just checked and found a few. He could have passed the NICS check because of all the “passes” he was given on his past actions keeping his record “clean” and not tripping the Lautenberg Amendment.

  • Thanks for exposing the truth (again!!), Ann. I watch a lot of news but during the summer season I can go a day or two of not paying attention. Had I not read this piece I would have continued to think that a disgruntled doctor shot another doctor. Ann corrected 4 or 5 major items that the media failed to report or, reported incorrectly. Another new low for the “institution” that purportedly gives us “All the news that’s fit to print”. My God.

  • Thanks Ann.

  • Just keep repeating: “Diversity is our greatest strength. We are a nation of immigrants. Diversity is our greatest strength…”

    • Indeed it was a strength when immigrants came for the opportunity and worked to improve their livelyhood and assimilated into American culture.

      Now, they come because our idiot government gives handouts.

  • From JFK and LBJ Onwards the Democrats have almost consistently restricted immigration from both legal applicants and illegal Migrant Gate Crashers – to be ‘approved’ from countries with the most primitive education and social cultures imaginable – expecting them to magically settle and prosper in a High Technical Environment without even the ability to even express themselves in any known language – this is the Democratic Party insult to all civilised people in America – culminating in their insane act of even making even one of these clearly “illegal Immigants” their preferred and adored illicit president – the montebank Obama. What can you expect for the future of America when these dregs of primitive societies are given clear prefereces in all fields of endevour as rewards denied to those of better achieving societies. ? You cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

    • Until the mid 1960’s, we had an organized guest-worker program, called Bracero. Seasonal workers, mostly Mexican, could sign up, get vetted, and come do agricultural work when it was in season. Then they went home, knowing they could return for the next season. All that was ended by the Democrats’ hero Cesar Chavez, because the Bracero program competed with his union. That was the end of organized immigration, permanent or seasonal, of any kind. Honest immigrants hoping to contribute to American society instead of becoming parasites on it must endure endless red tape. Democrats don’t want immigrants who contribute; they want parasites who will vote for them.

      • We owned a horse back riding academy and rent string at the time of the Bracero Program…..we hired 3 men from the same Mexican family in Mexico and they would come and work for 6 months……go home and 3 more guys from the same family came and worked for 6 months….2 things; it provided their family in Mexico a better quality of life and we had trained horse handlers that knew our business all the time….then some shit bags tried to fix something that was not broke and the Bracero Program went into some black hole never to be seen again!!!!!!

    • You can expect White Genocide of course.
      Haven’t you figured out yet that that’s the point?
      I’m not sure why people always explain this phenomenon of sub-human invasion as “liberal” ignorance or a plot to garner more democratic voters who vote for the “gibs me dat” programs.
      Smoke and mirrors.
      The end game is genocide by UN definition.
      Don’t believe it?
      Take a good look at South Africa.
      That’s the world our children will inherit.

  • “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
    ― Mark Twain

  • Well done, Ann. Until now, I hadn’t realized he wasn’t a doctor. I think I heard he was a doctor from Fox News Channel. I won’t read the Times. Like you said, they skew their stories to protect classes of people. ignore the truth. Or just lie about it. May the Times and CNN reap what they have sown, and keep sowing every day. CNN is held in such contempt now, but goes right on in its lying ways, trying to snare Trump. The same at the Times. Two icons of journalism, both deserving to be shunned.

    • This was the first time I heard he wasn’t a “Doctor”. Way to go, Ann.

  • Ms. Coulter must be mistaken. The mainstream media would not mislead me with coverups, false reporting, and ignoring obvious truths all together. And they would never outright lie to me. I know, because they tell me so.

    • I’m drowning!!!

  • Another immigrant who didn’t assimilate: Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.

  • Hey, is Coulter sayin’ diversity isn’t more important than everything else put together?!?

  • Amazing…….when the real story comes out……the truth is like “holy water” to libs, leftists, Marxists. This should be exposed everywhere…….especially to the youth/students, whose brainwashing will result in death unless they start getting a grip on facts.

  • eggsale-lant… report! miss Ann ! now your showing some huavoos! we need more fact-chek investigatin like this.hire some guys and get you some of that Veriatis news. wish u much lick. G b u .

  • Doing the job the lame stream media won’t do. Thanks for the update.