How Delta Airlines Wrecked American Health Care

I think I’ve found the core problem with health care in America. And guess what? It involves Delta Airlines!

A few weeks ago, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was going on and on about a “single insurance provider” that pays for 49 percent of all births, as well as full health care costs of almost 40 percent of all children in the United States. This single “insurer,” Maddow said, was the biggest “health insurance provider in the country by a mile.”

Maddow was talking about Medicaid, which, of course, is not “insurance” but “welfare.”

When we’re allowed to call things whatever we want in order to win an argument, there is a total breakdown in democratic politics, fair commerce and social interaction.

Thus, for example, until we get our terms straight, Americans will be forced to keep paying through the nose whenever they try to buy actual health insurance — because they aren’t buying health insurance; they’re paying for other people’s welfare. Washington will never be able to make it legal to sell real health insurance — because, if they try, the welfare recipients will mob congressional offices claiming that Republicans are murdering them.

There is no truth in any discussion of Obamacare. Currently, the most persistent lie is the claim that — according to scoring by the CBO! — 22 million Americans would “lose” their health insurance under the Senate health care bill. Turn on the TV right now and you’ll hear someone saying this.

“A new (CBO) budget score said 22 million more Americans would lose health coverage under this plan …”

— Poppy Harlow, CNN, June 27, 2017

“A score from the Congressional Budget Office … said the Republican bill to kill Obamacare would kick 22 million Americans off their health insurance.”

— Rachel Maddow, June 27, 2017

“The clock is ticking on the Senate health care bill as the CBO estimates 22 million people will lose their insurance.”

— Chris Hayes, June 26, 2017


The actual CBO report says nothing of the sort. People citing the “22 million” figure didn’t read past the CBO’s headline-grabbing paragraph at the top of the “Summary” page.

In fact, the CBO merely estimates that — in the year 2026 — 22 million Americans who otherwise would have been forced by the Obamacare penalty to buy health insurance will choose not to buy insurance once the penalty is gone. By “people thrown off their health insurance,” liberals mean: “people who voluntarily decide not to have health insurance.” (More accurately, “people who choose not to prove to the government that they have health insurance.”)

To use the word “lose” here is absurd. It would be like saying that Nixon ending the draft meant that 50,000 American men would “lose” their military service. The poor lads would be forced to volunteer.

Last year, I chose to end my New York Times subscription. I wasn’t “thrown off” the Times’ subscriber list. In full possession of the facts, I made an informed decision that I no longer wanted to receive the Times — just as 22 million Americans (the CBO guesses) will make an informed decision in the year 2026 not to have health insurance, if given that option.

Redefining words like “insurance” and “lose” to mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean makes human conversation impossible. We can still grunt, howl and shiver when it’s cold, but we will no longer have the ability to communicate slightly more complex thoughts to one another.

The only solution is for the rest of us to impose a broken windows policy on the truth, demanding it in every walk of life. If liars continually get away with it, their lies will only become more preposterous and more enraging.

Illegal aliens are not “undocumented immigrants.” They’re not “immigrants” at all. Immigrants wait in line and jump through hoops to be here. They are invited, by us, to come. Illegals cut to the head of the line whenever the mood strikes them, without waiting for an invitation.

When you have a “reserved seat” on Delta, it means you expect to be given that seat and not have your ticket snatched from your hand, then moved to a worse seat — only to get abused on social media by an imperious corporation for talking about it on Twitter.

(Idea for new Delta motto: “If you like your seat, you can keep your seat!”)

This is why the “Seinfeld” exchange with a car rental company struck such a chord. It was about the infuriating result when words like “reservation” have no meaning:

Jerry: I don’t understand. I made a reservation. Do you have my reservation?

Rental car agent: Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we ran out of cars.

Jerry: But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation.

Rental car agent: I know why we have reservations.

Jerry: I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation: the holding. Anybody can just take them.

If we’re going to have any kind of civil society, we need to insist that words mean what they say.

“Health insurance”: A group of people pooling their money every month, in the event that one of them ends up with an expensive medical problem.

“Wall”: Wall.

“Republican”: Does not raise taxes, propose amnesty or appoint David Hackett Souter to the Supreme Court.

“Seat 3A”: The seat you were promised.

Unless the rest of us demand truth, the liars will be emboldened, their lies will snowball and nothing will ever work.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.
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  • While I have appreciated your intellect, humor and bold rhetoric over many years Ann, I must take exception to you referring to my wife (career Delta flight attendant ) as a “Nurse Ratched”. While she was not working your flight, you painted with a bit of a broad brush in this instance.

    • Has your wife got bigger shoulders than you?

  • Just who the hell was the guy that got Annie’s seat and how much did she wind up selling it for??????…How much in total will she get from Delta??????????

    • She got $30 because that is all she had paid for the extra seat.

  • Nonsense. Not only will 30 million who depend on federal subsidies loose their health care access if ACA is repealed, but those 20 million who are being forced to buy insurance under ACA, will have accidents and catastrophic health events after they drop their insurance, and tax payers will have to bail them out. So you are totally wrong. Repealing ACA will cause a catastrophe. And it is high time the poor people who don’t get a tax break on their health care, won’t have to keep subsidizing the wealthy who get employer tax benefits.

    • This would also cause the earth to spiral into the sun.

      • @Maxfirepower:disqus , no the sun would expand to engulf the earth.

    • And the sun would go supernova

      • @todd_hill:disqus , no, but if there is no health care access, you will be dead and won’t care if the sun went supernova or not.

    • Koolaid it taste so good!

      • @Ken Dines, repeal the subsidy poor people have to pay for the health care of the wealthy by eliminating the employer benefits tax write offs, and then the system might be able to work without ACA.

        • Poor people can’t work?

          • @disqus_AGxmA433dt:disqus , you seem unaware that the lower half of the job market does not supply employer health insurance? And when you do not get health insurance from your employer, you have to negotiate it individual, so you end up paying about double what employer group rates can be negotiated to.

  • What percenage of the dead beats didnt have health care insurance before the disasterous Obama care .. . .nOnE THEY WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOMS !
    So why not set up a plan where all sidows orphans and handicapped individuals had a basic policy to cover emergency room visits? So it appears only the working public is the ones getting hurt by the Obama care charges. Eliminate Medicade and go back to before Obama !

    • Go back to before LBJ, he’s the one who planted the seed of Obozocare.

    • @parthenon1:disqus , to back to before they started allowing tax free employer benefits like health insurance, and then no one will have insurance any more, and the system will be much less expensive.

      • Its not the governments job to take care of anyone thats a personal responsibility. the big problem today is the fed has taken on the responsibilities of the state or more importantly the family. We need to take the taxing responsibility away from the fed except for Defense, Interior, Treasury and Justice. the rest belong to the state. With this there would be no big national debt and of course we need a constitutional amendment that government cant run deficits a balanced budget should be the law

        • @parthenon1:disqus , good point, but the feds screwed it all up around 1957 by allowing an employer tax write off for benefits like health insurance. That is a problem because it causes poor people who don’t get employer insurance to subsidize the wealthy who do. But things like insurance also need to be transferable from state to state if you move.

  • You’re right on and a riot as usual Ann. And I now forgive you for endorsing Romney.

  • “There is no truth in any discussion of Obamacare. Currently, the most persistent lie…”

    …is calling it obamacare. JDRockefeller IV had been working on this since it was called hillarycare, as described in the notorious memo he sent to her, giving her marching orders on how to sell it to the press and the public. Neither obama nor clinton have the requisite grey matter needed to understand insurance, let alone craft a new system. When he finally got what he wanted, Rockefeller retired. Now he has this to go along with Nelson’s medicaid. It’s Rockefellercare.

    • Excellent point.

  • I’m all broken up about those 22 million people who MIGHT lose their health insurance. Most of them were cheering about the 80-160 million people who lost their health insurance when ObozoCare left a scorched earth of their insurance policies.

    Insurance protects the insured from risk/uncertaincy. ObozoCare is a vote purchasing tax-supported program that reduces the citizenry to serf status and protects some of the serfs from statistical certainty.

  • the people have to rise up–everyone–get on your politician in any way, let them know–you work for your money you pay taxes let them know you are fed up with welfare–let them know you are fed up with wasteful spending and bad policies costing the TAX PAYERS billions (the people who pay your salaries, perks and benefits) obozocare is a bad bad decision, no program should have regulations that stack 11 feet tall, the government could have insured “pre-existing” conditions without effecting the entire population-the poor had medicaid, let the cities and states create free clinics for those that need medical help, what happened to General Hospitals, as long as you sit around your kitchen tables -itch and moan about politicians abusing the public without action corruption will continue and you who pay taxes will suffer the bullshit-you the public are suppose to have CONTROL–USE IT

  • No one is losing their health insurance… because the ACA is repealed. People who choose not to have insurance don’t lose their insurance. In addition, Medicaid is welfare … it is not medical insurance. Insurance presumes one pays a premium for a policy that offers specific terms of coverage for medical costs… Medicaid is a welfare program that provides free medical care to indigents who are qualify for this welfare program.

  • Right on, again, Ann. BOcare is imploding in on itself. If left alone we won’t have to repeal it and all those so-called 22 million souls will lose their healthcare anyway. President Trump says, okay if you don’t want it repealed let it implode. Then the hue and cry is “Oh no, you can’t do that! 22 million people will lose their healthcare. Ann is right. The people who are clamoring against repeal don’t know up from down, left from right, or frontward or backwards. They live in a vacuum.

  • As I understand it,MOST of those who would actually lose their “insurance” would actually just be moved to a different program that will continue to serve them.

  • Ann is right. .

  • I was denied long term care insurance a few years ago because of a pre-existing condition. Knowing how insurance should work, I had no problem with that. But if we are going to mandate “health insurance” to those with pre-existing conditions, maybe we should do the same for long term care insurance. When you get down to it, it _is_ health insurance.

  • Another misrepresentation by the left is that repeal of Obamacare (or replacement with Trump care) will result in (fill in blank) number of deaths. Obamacare is not healthcare, it is insurance, really expensive insurance. No one ever died because they did not have insurance. BTW, there is no Trump care.