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Hey, Trump: Get Tough on Debt!

Last month I served up a bit of advice to Donald Trump that still has the potential to lock up the Republican nomination for him. So far, he’s not listening. In “What Trump should do next,” I explained how he could broaden his appeal beyond the immigration issue by becoming the champion of an issue that,…

Joseph Farah
  • TBW

    Agreed, it is time to call out the national debt as what it is, a NATIONAL DISGRACE and burden to posterity. Shameful!

  • Judie K Kopfman

    Since Trump has all of the ‘business knowledge’ and of course, budgets, it’s high time Donald takes this recommendation and runs with it. On what he is saying now to the Voters is repeating his ‘bragging rights’ over and over. Let’s get to the meat of the subjects and come on with something that is actually going to help America.

    • Steve Bergin

      Exactly, “where’s the beef in the cuts, Donald?” He sounds like he is using the Obama Play Book of promise you the world with no intention of delivering on the promise!

  • nax777

    The Donald has one goal in mind. Make the serious issues and the solutions for them mute and forgotten.
    Easy thing to do with Pub voters. Simply go the obvious wrong track fiscally.
    With the more serious issues and the solutions to them forgotten, the latter will no longer matter.
    Say it with me Pub voters, useful idiots.

  • Charlie Russell

    First things first: The National Debt crisis will be resolved only when Congress uses its’ constitutional power to coin/print United States Notes (Greenbacks) debt and interest free money, again, instead of having a private corporation (Federal Reserve Bank) print and issue its’ national debt with interest due federal reserve note money – Look in you wallet to find federal reserve note money.

    • Steve Bergin

      Bingo Charlie! If you doubt him watch “The Secret of Oz” or the “Money Masters” on Youtube and then you will with great pride contact your Congressman and two Senators to pass the “Audit the Fed” bill collecting dust in Congress.

  • Dennis Pinkston

    Get a line item veto so “Pork” cannot be put in “Must Pass” legislation. That would save billions over a few years, maybe more. Outlaw Lobbyists and block politicians from becoming Lobbyists when they are not re-elected or don’t run again for office. Another thing that bothers me is all the money spent on going to Mars. What is the benefit? We are not going to live there. Complete waste of tax dollars. Reduce or stop foreign aid, especially to countries that don’t like us. WE NEED TRUMP AS HE IS THE ONLY ONE WITH BALLS ENOUGH TO GET THINGS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Bergin

    Trumps tax reform plan was graded as “might work, if” because he doesn’t define where he will cut spending! Rand Paul is the only one so far that shows where his cuts will come from starting with 5 Bureaucracies in Government that will be shut down and consolidated with other agencies.

  • FloridaJim

    First Trump begins by raising taxes on the rich next will be taxes on the near rich then finally taxes on everyone just like Democrats. I like some of Trump’s tax ideas but a long way from enacting any means little.