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Headlines From An Administration That Is Not Putting America First

We are now nearly a quarter of the way through the entire Trump presidency — and, depending how the 2018 elections go, we could be at the halfway mark.

Here are some headlines from that presidency:

“Defying Turkey, U.S. Decides to Arm Kurds in Syria”

“Iraqi Leader, in Washington, Gets Trump’s Assurance of U.S. Support”

“Trump Administration Lifts Sanctions on Sudan, Citing Progress”

“Trump Plans Visit to Asia to Buttress Korea Policy”

There are thousands of ’em, day after monotonous day.

In the last 10 months, has a single manufacturing job been created in Trump’s America? Has there been one opioid death avoided? Has 1 foot of the wall been built?

No, just more of this:

“Trump Praises Philippine President in Call Transcript”

“Trump’s Attempt to End the Saudi-Qatar Stalemate Ends in Recriminations”

Democrats realize that Trump’s main campaign issues, immigration and trade, were kryptonite to his opponents. The Democrats, the media, even Republicans threw everything they had at Trump — a Russian dossier intended to sway the election, an illegally obtained hot-mic tape, 100 percent negative news coverage for 15 straight months.

He still won.

Democrats know how Trump did it — and, unfortunately, they also know how to use the same kryptonite against him.

You will notice that smart liberals are NOT saying, We need more pussyhats, more angry rhetoric, more Rachel Maddow conspiracy theories! No, the smart liberals are begging Democrats to steal the central components of Trump’s death-defying campaign: immigration and manufacturing.

Andrew Sullivan recently wrote in New York magazine: “I don’t believe it’s disputable at this point that the most potent issue behind the rise of the far right in America and Europe is mass immigration. It’s a core reason that Trump is now president.” He called the Democrats’ sudden decision to treat illegal immigrants as a beloved constituency “political suicide.”

Then this week, former Obama administration official Steven Rattner called on Democrats to abandon liberal shibboleths and focus on winning the votes of “white working-class men.” Wage stagnation, he wrote in a New York Times op-ed, is “our most pressing economic challenge.”

And of course, several months ago, the Democrats’ meticulous pollster, Stanley Greenberg, produced a report telling Democrats that, to beat Trump, they need to win back “the nation’s working class communities, starting in the formerly industrial states and Upper Midwest.”

What does a laid-off steelworker, his town drowning in Mexican heroin, think when he reads daily headlines like these:

“Trump Suggests Bigger U.S. Role in Syria Conflict”

“U.S. Warship Approaches an Island Claimed by China”

Gosh, I’m glad we elected Trump! I haven’t been able to sleep at night, worrying about the Syrians and that island claimed by China.

What do the Angel Moms, whose kids were murdered by illegal aliens, think when reading these bulletins:

“As Trump’s Peacemaker, Kushner Finds Common Goals, and Friction, in Mideast Trip”

“Trump Won’t Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Yet”

Well, we didn’t get the wall, but thank God it’s pedal-to-the-metal on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

At the end of Trump’s term in office, I promise you, the Israelis and Palestinians will not be living in peace and harmony. Kim Jong-un will not have called for democratic elections. ISIS, al-Shabaab, al-Qaida and the Muslim head-choppers du jour will not have suddenly become pro-life.

The rest of the world will still be a godforsaken cesspool.

That’s why Trump’s campaign slogan to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” was such a hit. Beyond the self-evident attractiveness of a president caring about us, instead of the rest of the world, fixing our country is at least something that’s achievable.

Our tender ministrations in Iraq, Afghanistan and 200 other countries Congress is unaware we’ve even sent troops to has accomplished nothing good, and all too often a lot that’s bad.

We haven’t been able to get our leaders to focus on America’s problems for 30 years. The seduction of foreign policy is too great. War, military strikes, treaties — if you’re president, these are the antidote to whatever ails you! Presidents wear the mantle of national security like an amulet.

Any international conflict means a president can’t be criticized abroad. His short-term poll numbers will go sky-high. Even a dunderhead can feel like a master strategist when threatening to deploy the full force of the U.S. military. (See Nikki Haley.)

The rest of the world’s problems will never be solved, but it seems so adult and serious to be “working” on them.

We need to go into the Situation Room, sir. The Democratic Republic of Noos Noos has sent a disturbing cable.

Yes, absolutely! Cancel the rest of my day that I was going to spend fulfilling my campaign promises.

If ever there was a presidential candidate who seemed immune to the siren song of “foreign policy,” we thought it was Trump. We voted for a reality TV star. We didn’t want “gravitas.”

Instead, the smart set’s contempt for Trump seems to have sent him headlong into a fevered obsession with the goings-on in North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Guam, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Qatar, Niger and little Burkina Faso.

No one cares enough to read past the headlines. There won’t be any snippy lower court judges issuing frame-worthy rebukes of Trump’s travel ban or thousands of women showing up on the National Mall in pussyhats.

So there’s peace.

But there will be no change. Not in the rest of the world and not in the country Trump promised to make great again.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.
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  • Judging by the number of comments, this column went over like a lead balloon. The swamp is a bigger mess than anyone realized. Expecting miracles in barely nine months is not a fair standard. Stop whining and stand down from the Establishment circular firing squad. Geesh!

    • I understand your comment, but at this rate what’s going to happen in the mid-term elections???

    • Coulter could start paying attention to the facts, but that would take some real grey matter.

  • Ann Coulter’s articles are always most interesting and on point. For me I am still for Trump, however most importantly we need all who are true Christians to really get in prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ and beg Him without prayers to get this Republic back to what it was so many years ago. We need to have a strong defense and stay out of all these conflicts throughout the world — we cannot solve their problems, if we solve ours we can then demonstrate to the world what a God fearing republic with a strong Constitution can accomplish. Thank you Jesus for Your intervention, Amen. Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO (Christian & Conservative)

    • “…beg Him without prayers…” ??? And, Art, remember: N.K.’s conflict is WITH us. Same with Iran. How you fixed for anti-personnel arms? ‘Cause, if we don’t stop ISIS and Kim on their own dirt, they’ll bring it here, wither from the sky, or from the boat. As far as our own problems, thank our previous darling liberals. No job — no money — welfare — drugs — violence — demoralized society. Just what the Socialists want. No….pray for our government. Pray to end abortion (How you think God looks at THAT?) God Bless America. Go Trump. (And, against a STIFF political hurricane, President Trump is making progress. Pray the wind turns in HIS favor)

      • After I proof read my post I did make a mistake and should have written” with our prayers” and not what I posted. I am sorry, I would like to blame it on mistakes of being 83, but perhaps some Democrat caused the problem, so now I will have to pray to Jesus for “most” Democrats. I now take 20 lashes with a wet noodle. Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO (Christian & Conservative)

        • Right on, Art. We can’t do ANYTHING without prayer. Satan’s EVIL is manifest in abortion. How can a “civilized” nation DO THAT? Kill our — and GOD’S — innocent babies? But this is just one of the ways Statan is cursing the U.S. Boy, we are in for some rough weather! I pray for our Congress and Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. God Bless America! God Help President Trump!

  • Coulter’s points were all penned by loony democrats and crazy millennials. And repeated by Hollywood and slanted media. Write something worthwhile reading.

  • We THE People put trump in there! Trump didn’t do it! We want to end Agenda21 and the crimes committed by the bankrupt civilly dead UNITED STATES Corporation! No New World Order! We live in a republican form of Constitutional republic! Not a Democracy!

  • Chicken little Coulter can’t see past the fake news headlines.

  • I keep hearing my friends and also Democrats who are acquaintances keep asking where is the “Wall” he promised. The news today showed 8 prototype that have been built. This is amazing progress in the nine months Trump has been in office. Today is not like the 1930’s where the Empire State building could be built in less than 2 years. Bureaucracy run amok, first there has to be requests for proposals, hearings, public input, environmental impact statements, prototypes built, more meeting to settle on a plan, more public input more EIRs and coastal commission approval, state approvals etc, etc, etc. You get the idea.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took decades to get to the place we are at now. You can’t turn this ship around so easily in just 9 months. As long as both parties continue to fight Trump on every proposal and and policy he tries to implement, nothing much will get accomplished. There will be plenty of finger pointing from both side. You can’t restart manufacturing in this country without some choice incentives to combat globalism. Trump makes a good argument for cutting the Corporate tax and reforming income tax. But there are too many entrenched powers that stand to lose if these proposals ever get implemented. The wheels of democracy turn slow, for good reason. Patience is a virtue. But no progress at all is a sin. It is time for the Republicans and Democrats to quit acting as though the other side is the enemy on all things. They will need to find common ground with Trump of everyone will lose.

  • Ann. With the whole world in attack mode how much can Donald Trump get done? Every move he makes is opposed by Democrats and Republicans, the American media and the foreign press. And judges everywhere think they are in charge of American foreign policy and immigration. Talk about the swamp! More attacks such as these do not help. We should all get off his back and give him a chance to MAGA.

  • CONVENTION OF STATES! If we don’t impose term limits on congress, there is NO HOPE of anything changing.


    • There is a vote for them every 2 or 6 years you know! Maybe we could become informed and vote them out if need be no matter how much money the lobby spends on them. Mitch spent 30 million to get Luther elected.

      • Clearly voters can’t be relied upon. Ever hear of Chappaquiddick? It was a place until Mary Jo Kopechne’s death made it an incident. Teddy Kennedy’s gross negligence directly resulted in a woman’s death. He looked Americans straight in the eye on national TV and lied through his teeth about it, saying voters would decide if he was worthy to represent them. And Massachussetts kept him in that senate seat for another FORTY YEARS, until fat old age finally put him out of our misery. Just one example of how well this system served us in Kennedy’s case: he championed the unlimited immigration with which we’re now saddled. Term limits are a must.

        • Yes I know of what happened at Chappaquiddick and I know that Teddy the communist Kennedy is largely responsible for our present immigration problems. Do you think if we had term limits that the people of Massachusetts would not just vote in another communist? Many people are not worried about what they can do for the Country anymore but what the taxpayers can do for them.

          • Actually, voters changing their ways is irrelevant. This is about career congressmen and women being corrupted by decades of power. Even John McCain has become a self-serving megalomaniac. Trump’s dismissal of the senator’s heroism was rude, but it did expose McCain as one of the swamp’s biggest crocodiles. “How DARE this upstart outsider say that about ME? Whatever Trump wants to do, regardless of benefit or detriment to the country, I, John McCain, War Hero will oppose it with all the gravitas of my Senior Statesman status.” Hero indeed. These days the only thing heroic about that old coot is how he throws a tantrum.

            I’ve been calling for congressional term limits since I started voting as a fresh-faced 18 year old. That was 37 years ago and in all that time I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. Quite the opposite, in fact. The Ted Kennedys and John McCains have repeatedly proven me right. Nothing will get rid of all corruption in politics, but term limits WILL curb it. We’ve tried it your way for almost two and a half centuries, and here we are. My original point stands: without term limits, we don’t stand a chance of getting congress under control. Why are you so opposed to trying?

          • I am not opposed to trying, my State has term limits. I do think the voter needs to become more educated to choose even between term limited people. The problem we have is whoever gives the most free stuff seems to get elected. I think the internet will help but you see the swamp trying to control that now. I don’t think you will ever get the swamp to vote for term limits without the Article 5 convention.

          • I assume you know how a convention of states works, but if anyone is following our conversation they might misunderstand your last post. An Article V convention totally bypasses the swamp. If two thirds of legislatures submit matching applications, the swamp MUST call the convention. After that the swamp is out of it. The states send reps to the convention, and the states ratify any amendments by the convention. The swamp would have no say in whether their terms become limited. When the Constitution was being written, the Convention of States provision was added at the persistent urging of George Mason, who predicted that congress would become “oppressive” and would never propose amendments limiting their own power.

          • Tom Coburn supports the article V convention and many believe that is the only way to keep the swamp from mucking everything up. What scares me here is many States would likely send illegals as their reps just to poke a stick in Conservatives eye.

  • Ann! You’re killing me. We have 8 “wall” prototypes ready to be judged for construction. we have “some” money appropriated for construction. Babe, i love you but OMG doing these things isn’t like writing a book which someone like you can do in 60 days while working on several other projects in your home! God you were the biggest supporter why don’t you give him a chance already? Hannity had several pages of completed pledges by the President. In case you’re not paying attention the swamp is being drained. Grab a chardonnay and relax. We’ve got over 3 years left [at a minimum].

  • For a year we have watched media and the democrats attack everything Trump has tried to do They have used illegal and unmoral ways of destroying his work for the people showing what they crave is power not to to help us but rule us. It’s not out of the goodness of their cold stone hearts they want to disarm us for ‘our protection’ What we really need in this country is justice and it won’t happen till the obama administration is rotting in a federal prison, You see democrats not all Americans are to stupid to ever know they will never be ignorant. Only your voting block. You have shown the rest of us just how low you will go to get that power back even if it means turning this country into a shit hole like Europe where a week doesn’t go by with out senseless killing with the guilt on their one world government stooge leaders.

    Democrats and it seems Ann too don’t want to see jobless rate is the lowest since Eisenhower at 4.1%, 62,000 Black Americans are going back to work a month, our stock market is at a new high with both economic and job growth. Plus 1.5 million off food stamps, lower than any of the 8 years of the food stamp king was trashing our laws and Constitution. With the evil and the stupid doing anything to screw up his agenda and to hell with the people Trump is doing a damn good job. Go Trump! Democrats get bent!

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