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How The New Republican Majority Can Succeed

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump won fair and square and, as Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, is owed an open mind and a chance to lead. It is therefore incumbent upon conservatives (like me) who have been highly critical of Trump to think through how to make a success of the coming years of Republican rule.

It begins by recognizing Trump’s remarkable political instincts. As Paul Ryan noted in his morning-after olive-branch news conference, Trump heard “a voice out in this country that no one else heard.” Trump spoke to and for a working class squeezed and ruined by rapid technological and economic transformation.

One of the principal tasks for the now-dominant GOP is to craft a governing agenda that actually alters their lives and prospects. In the end, it was this constituency of those left behind by the new globalized digital economy that delivered the presidency to Trump.

Nonetheless, this election was not just about the social/economic divide. It was also about the ideological divide between left and right. The most overlooked factor in the election is the continuing deep and widespread dissatisfaction with Obamaism.

It tends to be overlooked because President Obama remains personally popular (56 percent in the latest Gallup). As a charismatic campaigner, whenever his name is on the ballot, he wins. But when it’s not — 2010, 2014, now 2016 — the Democrats get shellacked.

The reason is no mystery. The problem was never with Obama himself, but with his policies. Before each of those losing elections Obama would campaign saying that his name wasn’t on the ballot but his policies — and now his legacy — were. The voters made clear what they thought of his policies and legacy.

Simply put, from the beginning of his presidency, Obama overreached ideologically, most spectacularly with his signature legislative achievement — Obamacare. The spike in Obamacare premiums and deductibles just two weeks before Tuesday’s election proved a particularly damaging reminder of what Obamaism had wrought.

Hence the other principal task for the now dominant GOP: Undo Obamaism. Begin with canceling Obama’s executive orders on everything from immigration to climate change. Then overturn his more elaborate legislative adventures into overweening liberalism, starting, of course, with Obamacare.

The promise of a Trump presidency is that, if it can successfully work with a Republican Congress, it could turn Obamaism into a historical parenthesis. Republicans would then have a chance to enact the Reaganite agenda that has been incubating while in exile from the White House.

For years Washington gridlock has been attributed to GOP obstructionism. On the contrary, serious legislation, such as Medicare reform passed by the GOP House, was either strangled in the Senate by Democratic leader Harry Reid or died by veto on President Obama’s desk.

Beyond the undoing, there’s now the prospect of doing. Serious border enforcement, including a wall, for example. That’s not only a good in itself, it would offer leverage in a grand bargain that would include eventual legalization of resident illegal immigrants, an idea supported (according to the exit polls) by more than seven in 10 voters.

Another given is a reshaping of the currently rudderless Supreme Court with the nomination of a conservative justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

During the campaign, Trump’s populism often clashed with traditional Reaganism. The key to GOP success is to try to achieve an accommodation, if not a fusion. Two agendas: one ideological, one socioeconomic. They both need to be addressed. Onto the Reaganite core of smaller government and strict constitutionalism must be added a serious concern for the grievances of the constituency that animated the Trump insurgency, the long-suffering, long-neglected working class.

If Reaganite conservatives want to head off wrongheaded solutions — such as massive tariffs, mercantilist economics and trade wars — they must be prepared to accept such measures as federal wage subsidies and targeted restraints on trade. This involves giving up a measure of economic efficiency. But the purpose is to achieve a measure of social peace and restore dignity and security to a stressed and sliding working class. Some might even call it compassionate conservatism.

The key to success for a Trump presidency is for the Reaganite and populist elements in the party to be willing to advance each other’s goals even at the cost of ideological purity. This will require far-reaching negotiations between a Trump White House and a GOP Congress. The Republicans have gained control of all the political branches. They have the means to deliver. They now have to show that they can.

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Charles Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer writes a weekly political column that runs on Fridays. He is also a Fox News commentator and appears nightly on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”
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  • Ben

    Hey Chuckie! You also have become irrelevant as a media puke. We remember how you proclaimed your never Trump stance on live TV when you said that you were not going to vote for him. Please just go away and take Megyn, Karl and a few others with you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Ben

    Hey Chuckie! You also have become irrelevant as a media puke. We remember how you proclaimed your never Trump stance on live TV when you said that you were not going to vote for him. Please just go away and take Megyn, Karl and a few others with you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • maxx

      Hey Ben I love the term you use “media puke” to describe Chuck. It’s so good I hope you won’t mind if I use it.

      • Ben

        Not at all Maxx. I’d like to take credit for it but I’m sure it’s public domain. Haha!!!

  • Max

    “Beyond the undoing, there’s now the prospect of doing. Serious border enforcement, including a wall, for example.’

    I can’t believe he actually penned this -but he did leave an out for the costly and deadly and status quo: “…a grand bargain that would include eventual legalization of resident illegal immigrants.”

    Of course, just keep them here, on the dole, so they can then “reunite” with every relative who will then be free to join them from every turd-world country in the galaxy.

    Nothing will change for the positive for the former America under this type of thinking.

    • carlosperdue

      If 30 million invaders ever get to vote, goodbye USA. Probably over anyway, since they’re fast-breeding “birthright citizens” – a form of amnesty and slow motion coup d’etat.

  • conradcgaarder

    If there is to be an amnesty for most illegal aliens the trade-off has to be the repeal of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, the abomination which opened the floodgates. It needs to be replaced by an Australian point-based system which allows immigration to the extent that it is desired and useful. The way things are now, it is the naturalized foreigners who decide who comes here; their relatives.
    But caution. Yesterday I heard Paul Ryan interviewed and he said something interesting. He said that the E Verify system should be instituted “so that before a person can be hired we can be sure he’s not using someone else’s Social Security number.” Which is different from saying that no one will be able to be offered employment unless he has a valid Social Security number. These pols are slick.

  • Mark_A_Thomas

    Excuse me doctor, but I recall one of your most recent commentaries, you recommended voting for who?

    • Wayne Peterkin

      He said clearly that he was highly critical of Trump before the election, as many conservatives were I might add. Now he is suggesting how Trump might be very successful as president. There is no contradiction or inconsistency in that. Gloat if you must, I’m glad Hillary lost as much as anyone, but gloating isn’t very classy.

      • Mark_A_Thomas

        Sorry Wayne, but you are misreading my simple observation, I am not gloating. It is something, and a bit bold, on Dr. Krauthammer’s part to so quickly come around and start giving advise to Trump especially when his last commentary was clearly intended to sway voters to simply write in a candidate, still “anyone but Trump” was his intention. Does that not indicate that he would have been content to see Hillary win? It is also quite possible that with a Hillary win he would have been just as quick to write a similar column advising her how to heal the country. No Wayne, I’m not gloating just pointing out a little hypocrisy.

      • mickrrrrussom

        Im pissed at Krauthammer. I liked having him on the news until 2016. he might have good things to say but i will never forget his treason by backing that crooked wicked nasty woman.

      • carlosperdue

        No real conservatives were NeverTrumps. Just the traitors. Krauthammer is no conservative. He’s a neo”con” deluge immigration globalist. And, no surprise, he’s a gun grabber who wants total civilian gun confiscation, just “not yet”.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Bull. Since Trump had never been a conservative there were many “real conservatives” who did not support him at least through the primaries. Many claimed to be “NeverTrump” but were forced to change their minds when the only alternative was Clinton.

          • carlosperdue

            Bull and evasion.
            “Real conservatives”!

  • Jerryb53

    Charles we the people request you and all so called experts from talking about what needs to be done. Take your propaganda someplace else. Trump won and I’m tired of hearing about Reaganism. Yes he was a great President but that was 3 years ago. Tired of hearing of Reagan Republicans. The swamp needs to be drained. The Party system must go. That’s why we are in this mess. Government Agencies need to be downsized or eliminated all together. A complete overhaul of our government needs to take place so we are never in this situation again. Get rid of the IRS and the Fed to start. It can be the same old same old.
    Lastly we need the media to stop telling We The People how to run our Country. Your job is to report the news not make it.

    • MattS123

      We also need to do something about the military budget. It’s $600 billion a year and they seem to mostly help the rest of the world. How about the rest of the world pay their share?

      • Jerryb53

        The budget is 600 billion but the military never sees all of it. Some is getting rich at the militaries expense. We are running out of bombs. Closing bases and decreasing the troops. That will change under Trump. He will root out the corruption and our military will be the most powerful military in the world.

    • maxx

      I am absolutely thrilled so many “real conservatives” know what the good doctor and many more so called experts have exposed themselves to be. In my humble opinion the reason for the rout that Trump delivered is that the pollsters, analysts, pundits and MSM all began to believe their own propaganda. The best part is we conservatives never did.

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Most of those trashing Dr. Krauthammer here don’t have a clue what real “conservatism” is. Trump was criticized by many because he had never been a conservative in his entire life and probably isn’t one today. Trump has espoused some populist proposals such as his border wall which gained him his following. My definition of a conservative is someone who believes in our Constitution as written and intended by some very wise men. Someone who believes in personal responsibility for myself and my family. Someone who does not want anyone to be poor but knows that government dependency is not the way to lift people out of poverty. Instead it takes heavy doses of personal responsibility, an education to learn how to be useful in the job market, a lot of hard work, and not making really bad choices in life such as drugs, crime, etc. It’s supporting free enterprise with minimal government intervention. It means allowing people to keep most of what they have earned instead of redistributing wealth through taxation, it means the most powerful national defense in the world to discourage aggressors, it means enforcing all of our laws, even the ones a politician may not like because they are the law (they can be changed when needed), it means controlling all immigration according to the law and ridding us from the scourge of illegal immigrants draining much of our resources, I could go on for awhile but hopefully made my point. Trump has taken some conservative stances during his campaign on this stuff, not so much on others. Hopefully he will live up to his promises but only time will tell. But calling all Trump supporters, and I voted for him, conservatives indicates a naiveté regrading the definition of conservative because many Trump supporters are not. Last, exactly when did every “conservative” have to agree on every issue, much less Trump’s position on those issues? Who decided that? BTW, though I’m thankful Trump won, is was NOT a “rout” by any stretch! It appears he actually lost the popular vote.

        • You are so wrong about conservatism. “FISCAL conservatives” are for small government, limited regulation, low taxes, and free enterprise. “SOCIAL conservatives” view traditional values are threatened by secularism and advocate government legislation supporting school prayer, and opposing abortion and same sex marriage. “NEOconservatives” want to expand American ideals throughout the world. “PALEOconservatives” supporter restrictions on illegal immigration, stronger and secure borders to prevent terrorism and the illegal flow of drugs, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and an opposition to globalization. All conservatives support a strong military. Trump is a fiscal, social, and paleoconservative who defeated the ruling class Bush neoconservatives who have been ruling Washington DC since #41 became Director of the CIA in the 1970’s (Who some say may have played a role in the JFK assassination and Reagan assassination attempt. No kidding. Google it.)

          • WBC

            Interesting take on the different faces of conservatism. I hadn’t heard that description before. But now that you bring it up, I can see some basis of truth in your description.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            Actually, your wrong about my comment. I actually agree with your definition but view it as an extension of mine. Our Constitution is a very conservative document that creates the very government that you espouse. My definition presumes that because I strongly believe in the Constitution and the government that the founders created.

          • My point is YOU ARE WRONG about the definition of conservatism.

            YOU ARE WRONG about people like me who are “trashing Krauthammer.” We DO” have a clue” about what “real conservatism” is.

            YOU ARE WRONG that Trump “probably isn’t” a conservative (according to my definition).

            YOU ARE WRONG that building the wall is just one of some “populist proposals” Trump is proposing. Building the wall is also a conservative proposal (of the “paleo” type).

            YOU ARE WRONG about the “definition of a conservative is someone who believes in our Constitution as written and intended.” The definition of a conservative (and its difference between a libertarian and a liberal) is the INTERPRETATION of what is written and intended in the Constitution which is why we have a Supreme Court.

            YOU ARE WRONG that only conservatives believe in personal responsibility and better education as solutions to poverty and government dependency. Both libertarians and liberals believe this as well. The only difference is in the details.

            YOU ARE WRONG that “Trump has taken some conservative stances during his campaign on this stuff, not so much on others.” All of Trump’s stances can be defined under various definitions of conservativism. You say, “Hopefully he will live up to his promises but only time will tell.” Trump is a CEO and a business man, not a politician who says one thing and does another. This is why so many voted for him. A CEO knows he is accountable to his “stockholders” or he is done and impotent. The Trump Revolution is about “draining the swamp” of political cronyism and Trump is the obvious man to do it.

            YOU ARE WRONG about Trump’s victory being “NOT a rout by any stretch [because] It appears he actually lost the popular vote.” The popular vote is meaningless in presidential elections which is why the Constitution instituted the electoral college. If the presidential election depended solely upon the popular U.S. vote in total, candidates would only spend their time in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and a few other big cities. The fact that Trump won with 74 more electoral votes than Hillary is clearly a mandate (Hillary won 232 electors, Trump won 306).

            And I think YOU ARE WRONG about “calling all Trump supporters conservative indicates naiveté.” Trump won over many Democrat conservatives whom the DNC abandoned. And then there is the fact that everyone who voted for Trump voted for a conservative. Doesn’t voting for a conservative make that voter a political conservative? That may be debatable, but I suspect not. I believe the conservative movement just got larger thanks to Trump.

            So YOU ARE WRONG about Krauthammer. Krauthammer did not lift so much as a voting finger in trying to oppose Hillary. He was against Trump all the way. So, by default, Krauthammer’s neoconservatism has been defeated — much like the DNC.

        • mickrrrrussom

          Trump won. Tirds like RINOs would never have won.

        • WBCt

          VERY GOOD, Wayne. Your description of a conservative is right on. That’s what we are all about. Dr. Krauthammer’s article astounds me. Before the election he was an establishment Republican. Now he sounds like a real republican. Just proves he, in reality, is a wind tester. I like much of what he said here, but I wish I could believe he really means it. He reminds me too much of the fable “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

          • Wayne Peterkin

            What we need to avoid is thinking that every single conservative or every single Republican must agree on every issue or they are vilified as traitors or Democrats. Intelligent people can disagree on some things and have rational discussions as they try to find consensus and solutions to those disagreements. What bothers me a lot is the fools who comment on many of these sites that seem to believe that any disagreement on anything cannot be tolerated in any way. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Dr. Krauthammer is a very intelligent guy and I respect his opinions, but I do not always agree with him. I see his article as trying to help Trump succeed even though the good doctor did not favor him, others interpret the article a different way. I voted for Trump, not because I think he is a great guy (because he has a lot of major flaws) but because I saw him as the lesser of two evils by a pretty wide margin. Time will tell if he was a good choice but I am certain that Clinton was a lousy choice, perhaps the worst in history although it has to be really bad to surpass Obama on the down side. I hope Trump rises to greatness and I have no doubt that Dr. Krauthammer does also, but I can’t say I expect Trump to do so. I’ll be happy if he finds some Scalia clones for the SCOTUS!

          • carlosperdue

            Yes and no. Here’s the big picture: Deluge immigration is in the far advanced process of giving the Dems irreversible supermajority control of all branches of the federal government and a supermajority of the states – i.e., California is your future, wherever you are – i.e., destroying the ENTIRE conservative agenda AND the USA as an independent nation. Cultural and political terraforming. You can’t claim to be a real conservative or even a loyal American, let alone a conservative Republican or constitutionalist if you actively, passive-aggressively, or negligently support continued suicidal immigration policy, as have Krauthammer and his ilk. Let alone be a globalist, which he is. That alone is treason.

            Time is short. We can’t afford to baby the globalist neo”cons”, the NeverTrumps, the immigration whores, the RINOs, the GOPe. They must be ejected from the Republican tent. Treason in your own command post is always vastly more damaging than the open enemy on the other side of the wire.

            Trump isn’t a “pure” conservative, but he’s the only chance we have to address what is by far the most dire threat to the entire conservative agenda, liberty, and the USA.

  • MattS123

    I hope Trump stays away from the abortion topic and don’t do anything to hurt gay rights. Leave them alone and maybe they’ll go away and not try to beat him in four years and the Republicans in two years. There’s bigger issues to deal with. Like cleaning up the illegal immigration problem. And I wouldn’t get rid of Obamacare. Wait until they have something better. What the Republicans need to do is start working on a new healthcare system. And let the Democrats help on it. What a lot of people hate about Obamacare is the Democrats only were involved and they forced it on everyone. We need better healthcare but everyone should be part of the creation of it. If the Republicans aren’t careful they’ll end up like Obama. He forced his projects on the country and two years later the Republicans started taking over.

    • carlosperdue

      Ridiculous. Trump is the gay community’s best friend.

  • maxx

    First of all Chuck “conservatives like me” is a real misrepresentation of just what you are. From all the verbal trash coming out of you this past 16 months there is definitely not an (R) following your name, just like there isn’t following George Will. Your constant rants against Trump in favor of known GOP elitists have you in a really precarious position now. The type that should send you into full retirement. True conservatives like me are sick and tired of self described journalists like you that spend most of your time liking the boots of the Republican Establishment. Who, by the way, are also NOT CONSERVATIVES else they would not have attempted again to con the American public by selecting the candidate from their list of “next in lines” or self described “mavericks” like Cruz, Rubio and the ever useful to the democrats, John McCain. Some people just don’t know when to admit they are frauds. Next you will be hanging on to make believe journalism like Mr. Brokaw and his “An America Story”. Go home Chuck and annoy your wife. We conservatives have had enough from you.

  • RelentlessBill

    Krauthammer, You have no credibility much less gravitas to be instructing anybody on anything. Go back to diagnosing psychotics on a couch, you hack. You should be fired from Fox News immediately. QUACK!!

    • mickrrrrussom

      He isnt a quack, nor is he stupid. But he is a god damned traitor.

  • JoeHollywood


    How about you remove yourself from the equation first since you had nothing to do this new Republican majority. This bread was brought to the table through the hard work of God fearing, American Patriots.

    I think you’re a treacherous dolt, ChucKraut. You should find another career because I’m turning you off and I doubt I’m alone in that.

    Maybe you should go join the Hillary fleabags protesting in the streets.


  • Waterford_Citizen

    I often agree with Dr. Krauthammer but not completely here. If one studies history, trade wars are not nice things. But it is also a trade war when “free trade” ends up hollowing out the heard of America, leaving behind our appliance, TV, shoe, cameras, tire, auto, apparel, and pretty much all other manufacturing plants as empty buildings needed to be torn down. I too traded cheap Chinese and Mexican goods for an economy that roared. At least roared until families had breadwinner husbands and wives that were all losing their jobs, employment options nothing more than retail and part-time service jobs left for them to fill. So STOP with the fear of trade wars, tariffs and the like. Until you watch families put back groceries they no longer can afford, you might be more fearful for the laid off, than for the bankers and those who might have to pay more for goods made in America. Everything is relative in the sense, middle class people making good wages can buy higher cost goods. People running out of money every month on the 15th of the month voted and they voted in large numbers. The GOP leaders I tried to reach, such as Mr. Jeb Bush, openly ignored those who changed this election. They know they were there but they used a lot of psychological intellectual arguments to explain why they meant nothing to the future of the GOP. Perhaps, for those that know a bit about religion, God has raised up a less than imperfect business man who has business skills that might find a place again in America for the man or woman that makes something for a living. Our parents seemed to have raised a generation of leaders that forgot about what they added to this country. So Doctor, come to Michigan and I will take you on a drive through our history and our slow agonizing slide into being a land of abandoned, once proud factories and design houses. Oh, and yes we can take a walk through Walmart to look for anything still made in America. Should take a couple minutes at most.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      My suggestion is to stop talking about “free trade” and substitute “fair trade”. I think every American can support fair trade. The issue has always been that these agreements are often tilted in favor of the other nations at our expense, and it needs to stop.

    • carlosperdue

      “We buy your goods and services, you take our money and buy our land, companies, real estate, politicians, debt, and souls.”

      That is not the classic Edgeworth Box “free trade” paradigm. It’s not even trade. Foreign “trading” partners should be prohibited from buying anything but our goods and services. Then free trade would be mutually beneficial and it would actually be TRADE.

      Problem solved.

  • Deb

    I used to think Charles was the smartest man in room. That ship has sailed. Won’t bother reading the article. Goodbye Charles.

  • Jerry G

    What a turnabout for the Kraut. How come he didn’t give this advice before the election? The Hillary ship went down and he’s trying to board the Good Ship Trump.

    • carlosperdue

      No turnaround. Like all the NeverTrumps, Kraut will never stop being a traitor. He will “be there” as long as he needs you, or until you need him. Besides, he’s not really supporting the Trump immigration agenda even this article. Anyone who trusts the NeverTrumps is a fool.

  • “Wealth makes many friends” wrote King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived. Now that Donald J. Trump is our new president, the once antagonists are now making amens to offset their opposition. President Trump will be more gracious to them than they were to him! History teaches that until the new king is established, everyone is vying for the power and use treacherous means to gain that power. Hence, the legacy of the Clintons who Dinesh D’Souza described as a modern “Bonnie and Clyde.” Another lesson we see clearly is how on the night of “the last supper” of Christ before His betrayal, torture and crucifixion, His own disciples were duking it out over “who shall be the greatest.” It always gets back to the closing words in the book of judges, that explain why those early generations of Israel kept getting nothing done and were always getting into trouble: “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

  • Jim

    Trump may have a fight on his hands…with the RINOs in congress. The rats who jumped tship a few weeks ago have not gotten back aboard. Harry Reid still has a few of his eight gangsters in his hip pocket.


    • Wayne Peterkin

      Harry Reid has nothing. He is gone January 1st never to return. Thank God.

      • James

        I can’t agree that Reid is THAT gone-if it was that easy to get rid of him,he’d have been out LONG before Jan. 1st. As Jim said,he still has hired guns scattered about the Hill,so even though he won’t have an “office” there,he won’t be without the ability to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the Government Machine,nor the inclination.

      • mickrrrrussom

        Dingy dirty harry reid should end up in prison for the treason he has committed.

    • smehiel

      I believe most of the RINO’s just witnessed what happens when you come out loudly against Trump – 2 senators are gone. They would be stupid to try and block Trump from following up on his promises.

      • Jim

        The RINOs think they won because they still have a majority. I hope that you are right, though, but people like Rubio and McCain ate tromping around like Boy Scouts with Harry Reid merit badges. Trump is still being attacked from all sides as if the election and the primaries have not happened yet.


  • jr_hkkdo

    Dr. Krauthammer, it seems to me that Trump has already embraced most conservative ideas: limited functions of government, jobs and economic growth, energy independence, devolution to the states, first POTUS to even consider following the 10th amendment!, adherence to 2nd amendment, devolution of education to states and localities, a strong military, honesty in government…shall I continue? I think it’s the US Congress that needs to work with Trump, not the other way around. The RINOs need to be forced to heel or fired (think: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell). I regret that much of your advice has become suspect simply because you got so much wrong about Trump during the election campaign, much like the RINOs.

  • Olynn

    It is very interesting how you change your stance after Donald Trump wins the presidency. You are a phony!!!

    • carlosperdue

      He didn’t really. Just pretending to reposition, just enough to survive to screw us even harder. Anyone who trusts the NeverTrumps is a fool.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    They will succeed if they quit listening to never Trumpers, like Charles Krouthammer. He has not been right one time in this election,

  • remuda

    “Trump’s remarkable political instincts” (CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER).

    George Will…says…
    “President-elect Donald Trump can begin to present a persona more measured and less bellicose than that of candidate Trump”

    whut??? Who was more bellicose than Will in dumping the Republican Party…that tried not to leave him…to wallow in his mired arrogance…

  • When will Freedom’s Back remove Krauthammer as a commentator? I came to this article – not to read it – but to protest with this comment. Krauthammer refused to vote against Hillary, thereby chosing to support her by default. Krauthammer’s opinion on Fox influences many people. Hillary won the popular vote and Trump did not win a mandate. I thank God Trump overcame all the power elites including Krauthammer. Like the DNC, it is time for Krauthammer to go.

    • carlosperdue

      When they decide to stop StabbingFreedom’sBACK

  • smehiel

    No, it’s not your job “to think through” anything – it’s Trump’s job now – you blew it. And you still believe in the polls after their total disaster at predicting the election? The Obama approval ratings are as off as the election projections. Your suggestions are pretty much on line with everything Trump has been saying – reverse executive orders and repeal Obamacare. Where have you been??

  • Gen11American

    Here’s a list of priority items which I hope the Republicans heed. If they don’t, 23 of the worst US Senators may be re-elected in 2018!
    1) Congress needs to pass law requiring every state to utilize E-Verify for every job, not just for newhires! That will put Americans to work!
    2) Congress either needs to rescind the Motor/Voter law, or to require every state to request proof of citizenship before registering voters!
    3) Congress needs to require every state to utilize Voter ID!
    4) Since HRC carried 11 of the 12 states that issued driver’s licenses to illegals in the run-up to the 2016 election, those states should be investigated for voter fraud, beginning with California and Illinois!

    • carlosperdue

      Abolish birthright citizenship for children of non-citizens.

      Slash LEGAL immigration to zero, or at least the kind of non-suicidal trickle we enjoyed from the 1920s under Coolidge through the 1950s under Eisenhower.

      Abolish all other vote fraud vehicles:
      Mail-in registration
      Absentee balloting
      Early voting
      Electronic & machine voting

      Even a single illegal vote is an attempted coup d’etat and should be prevented and punished accordingly.

      Do blue thumb voting like we did in Iraq. Scan the prints. Anyone who votes twice gets 10 years minimum and deported to a very bad place if not a citizen. Neo”cons” & GOPe care more about the integrity of Iraqi elections than our own, which they really don’t give a crap about.

  • carlosperdue

    Loyal American can’t trust traitors like you and Ryan. How many times do you have to stick it in us from behind before we wise up? The GOPe NeverTrump globalist elite traitors ARE going to screw us again, every time you can, as soon as we need you, or you don’t need us, whichever comes sooner. Fool me once… Fool me 100 times? Hopefully Trump’s not a chump.

    I will NEVER donate to StabFreedom’sBACK long as they’re paying traitors like you and Shapiro, Erick E Erickson, et ilk.

  • Leonard Dalrymple

    The idea of legalizing millions of illegal immigrants who deliberately broke our laws is a terrible idea. People who deliberately broke our laws, paid smugglers and continue to reside in the US illegally in complete defiance of our laws should be deported.

    The republicans in congress should not use building a wall as “leverage in a grand bargain” that would include eventual legalization of millions of illegal aliens”. This is what led Reagan’s Amnesty and the wall was never built.

    What republicans such as yourself, should clearly explain to the american public is why legalizing between 20-30 millions of illegal aliens will legitimize the undermining of the rule of law, make millions instantly entitled to benefits under so called means-tested-programs, and drastically reshape american society in the image of the failed societies from which these millions of individuals come.

    This is what the new republican majority needs to do concerning immigration:

    1) Build a physical wall along the over 2000 miles of our border with Mexcio.
    2) Increase the number of border patrol agents and spread them throughout the northern and southern borders.
    3) Completely repeal the Third World importing 1965 “Immigration Act”, its ‘family re-unification provisions”, the lottery system.
    4) Eliminate the H-1B visa system, that imports thousands of students from societies that are hostile to our ideals and ways of life under the pretense to increase the number of people in STEM fields due to so called ‘shortages’ of STEM trained workers.
    5.) Eliminate immigration from middle eastern countries altogether – these are people whose culture is not only different than ours, but hostile to our values, ideals and ways of life (witness their preference for life under Sharia Law and rejection of our legal system based on the US Constitution.)