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There is little question in most academic research that increases in the minimum wage lead to increases in unemployment. An issue not often included

One can only imagine the widespread condemnation of Republicans and conservatives if, after the inauguration of Obama, they had gone on a violent tear

Snowflakes feel as though they must be protected against words, events and deeds that do not fully conform to their narrow-minded beliefs built on

Trump's threats to impose high tariffs on the products of companies that leave ought to be a worry for us — namely, whether we

Today's level of lawlessness in many black communities is a new phenomenon. In the 1930s, '40s and '50s, people didn't bar their windows. What

We will never understand liberals until we recognize that they often see reality as a social construct subject to being challenged. Despite their arrogance,

The victors of war write its history in order to cast themselves in the most favorable light. That explains the considerable historical ignorance about

The education establishment says more money is needed, but more money does not produce higher quality. Parents, given vouchers and choice, could do a