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President Trump has ordered the refugee program suspended for 120 days. Given the testimony Obama's CIA and FBI directors delivered in public hearings, this

The order will not presumptively deny refugee claims from those who belong to the majority religion of their country but will "prioritize" the claims

This is not a naive vision. It is a realistic, achievable conservative vision — that, if pursued as Donald Trump promised, can help preserve

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest and Secretary of State John Kerry finished President Barack Obama's final term with fitting acts of propaganda.

The confirmation fight over Session has been intense, but it is merely a prelude to the domestic Cold War confrontation we will see over

Congress should tell states and local jurisdictions: You are on your own when it comes to primary and secondary education. Let your voters decide.

Obama and the last Republican Congress kept America on the road to bankruptcy. President Trump and the new Republican Congress must lead us back

This story starts with the equally ineffective intelligence and counterintelligence activities of the Yale and Harvard football teams of the early 1890s.