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The ugliest part of John Boehner's parting shot at limited, responsible and common-sense government is what he engineered earlier this week — a budget

Tony Blair, former British prime minister and President George W. Bush's best foreign ally in the war in Iraq, has candidly admitted the conflict

The Democratic party went off the rails for good with the election of Lyndon Baines Johnson, never to return to its patriotic, common-sense roots.

For many years I pondered the glaring contradiction of the left, which preaches "tolerance" and "diversity" whilst eviscerating those who disagree with their ideas

I couldn't help but wonder as I listened to Obama's rambling, highly irrational words how different his statement might have been had the Roseburg

Have Americans learned anything from the Holocaust experience? We say "never again," but do we really mean it?

Last month I served up a bit of advice to Donald Trump that still has the potential to lock up the Republican nomination for him. So far, he’s not listening. In “What Trump should do next,” I explained how he could broaden his appeal beyond the immigration issue by becoming the champion of an issue that,…

I’ve seen it so many times now, I can’t even call it déjà vu. It’s more like déjà vuvuvuvuvuvu to the 10th power. I’m talking about the unwillingness of the Republican congressional leadership to break the Washington pattern of business-as-usual borrowing and spending no matter how many times voters give them control of the House, the…