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The stock market has risen 9 percent since the election of Trump with a $2 trillion increase in wealth. Investors are euphoric over President

The best way to promote prosperity abroad is to fix America's problems first, then to serve as a beacon of freedom and opportunity for

Trump is proposing is a $10 trillion stimulus to the private economy. We can only hope and pray that the report is accurate. Let's

To create a level playing field, the U.S. should tax activities based on where they are consumed, not where they are produced. This is

The Big Green movement is dedicated to the proposition that to save the planet we have to throw millions of our fellow citizens out

For seven years now the economy has severely underperformed because business capital investment - in factories, equipment, computers, tractors, warehouses, and laboratories - has

“Expert texpert choking smokers, Don’t you think the joker laughs at you?” – John Lennon “I Am the Walrus” On election night at around 6 p.m. a Hillary Clinton political operative went on TV and smugly opined that she believed they had a 95 percent chance of winning. Wow, 95 percent. In statistics we call that…

The latest spin out of Washington is that stock market declines over the last 10 days are due to Donald Trump’s surge in the polls. Well it is true that Wall Street tends to hate change – even when it’s positive. And if Donald Trump is anything, it is a change agent that will rattle the…