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Anyone noticed through the fog of Russia, Comey, and now two monster hurricanes that the U.S. economy is booming faster than any time since

Does hatred and violence reside only on the far right, as the media seems to be spinning things? Consider this recent personal anecdote.

One of the most enduring lessons from the Obamacare fiasco, is that to win a political battle it is best to keep the message

Trump is creating jobs, higher incomes and trying to give a better education to every disadvantaged child in America. If only the media would

A group of "moderate" Republicans calling themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus is quietly negotiating with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to throw

Amazing that even with the tens of billions of dollars of subsidies to tilt the playing field away from fossil fuels and regulations meant

If the GOP is smart enough to rally behind the Cruz amendment, and health costs and premiums start falling almost immediately, we will start

Nothing exposes the insincerity of the global climate change movement as does the left's hatred of nuclear power. Wind and solar power are the