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In their current state of setting their hair on fire about everything, the Democrats are unable to pick their battles carefully. Every hill has

The pro-abortion community hides behind euphemisms to avoid confronting the evil they support. It is, to them, a choice. The pro-abortion community, like the

The presidency is no easy job. It will burden and age anyone who takes that oath. With a world in upheaval, whether you supported

I cannot understand both the media and Trump's political opponents' unwillingness to even give him a chance. These people are sore losers and in

Obama's legacy will be that of a nation turning against itself and walking away from obligations abroad. To honestly assess his legacy would be

Barack Obama leaves the White House with the same arrogance and childlike petulance with which he entered. But now he can watch an incoming

All of this suffering runs through a manager in Bethlehem where a baby was born to die. But through his suffering we have redemption

Hillary Clinton ran a campaign for people in skinny jeans and college professors. They were convinced of their dominance until it was too late.