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Even before Trump is inaugurated, resistance movements are organizing protests to ensure the new president's failure. Critics should save their firepower for times when

With the White House in GOP hands, the Republicans will stand in a strong position to be able to make changes and to put

Thomas Sowell’s irreplaceable writing will be sorely missed. We wish him well in his richly-deserved retirement.

Like everything else in Washington, drain the swamp now has its own acronym.

President-elect Trump’s surprise choice to lead the Republican National Committee must find a way to energize the large donors on behalf party candidates for

As Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., once observed, weapons systems are "very much like vampires. You can kill one occasionally, but not very often."

President Maduro and his team have made a mess of a country that once lapped up the benefits of its oil riches. Violence and

It seems that President Obama is going out with a bang. As of last week, the Federal Register, which includes the federal government's final