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Like Scalia, Gorsuch holds an "originalist" view that the Constitution and laws should be interpreted with respect for the meaning that the words had

The last true "swing" justice was John Paul Stevens. He retired in 2010. "When Stevens leaves," the legal scholar Jeffrey Toobin wrote presciently, "the

Our market can create great jobs and amazing products. Like a competitive sport, it must be guided by a reasonable set of rules. The

The Trump administration needs to mobilize adequate international support for serious but limited consequences against Iran's recent acts — then swiftly begin the hard

President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement was a positive step, but what comes next is

Despite bitter partisan divides, this is an example of an issue on which freedom-loving politicians from both sides of the aisle should be able

Even before Trump is inaugurated, resistance movements are organizing protests to ensure the new president's failure. Critics should save their firepower for times when

With the White House in GOP hands, the Republicans will stand in a strong position to be able to make changes and to put