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Borrowing a scene from the Brady Bunch featuring Jan, with all the other news out there, the media is obsessed with Russia.

The Democrat party hopes it will breathe life into their Russia-Trump collusion theory by the appointment of a special counsel.

Lately Trump has been under siege, by a relentless mainstream media and the democrat party.

The leftist media (mainstream media), CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and New York Times are a part of the Russian collusion delusion club.

The only thing the democrats have is the phony Russia Trump collusion story, and having no evidence is their only excuse to keep investigating.

James Comey has been fired by President Trump. It’s a good first step toward draining the swamp.

Schumer hated Comey and thought he should be terminated, until Trump terminated him. Now it’s all about using it against Trump.

Trump is saving healthcare from the brink of disaster caused by Obamacare, while the democrats continue to demonize and obstruct.