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Mainstream media and the left ignore the real Russian collusion story involving Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the FBI in the Uranium One deal.

CNN's new motto "If you can't say anything bad about President Trump don't say any thing at all" even if it means ignoring great

Hillary says she’s going to donate all of Harvey Weinsteins campaign contributions to charity.

Left wing Hollywood hypocrites have been exposed for covering up high profile sex offenders and predators among their peers.

Accused Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein is now the poster boy for liberal Hollywood hypocrisy.

Leftists are screaming for more gun laws that won’t stop bad guys from Las Vegas type shootings.

Weinstein’s career of sexual harassment is reprehensible, but many liberals in Hollywood went along to get along in order to gain employment and connections.

Mike Pence walks out of a Colts football game offended by players disrespecting the U.S. Flag.