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Do most Americans believe that Donald Trump is a vicious racist, an illegitimate president who must be treated with scorn and disdain? Of course

We can all cheer news that more companies want to invest in the United States. But we should not fall prey to the misconception

A society that thinks itself kind while treating mental illness as "letting your freak flag fly" and all the while silently snickering at the

Obama came into office amidst grand promises to restore America's place in the world. Unless our place is the outhouse, he's failed.

Last Friday, President Obama gave his last press conference as commander in chief. Undeterred by his would-be successor's devastating loss to Trump, he maintained

Here's the problem with hypocrisy: You have to be nonhypocritical to make that charge. So long as Republicans are intent on backing Trump's play

So long as partisans on both sides are prepared to blow up democracy in order to save it, we're at risk of an explosion.

When evil Cuban dictator Fidel Castro finally died last Friday, the left seemed deeply ambivalent. President Obama noted "the countless ways in which Fidel