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Freedom’s Back aims to foster intelligent, troll-free conversations about the hypocrisy of the self-loathing Left, the current state of U.S. conservatism, and the inside-the-beltway cabal of good ol’ boy bureaucrats who have ruined the Republican party and laid waste to the American dream.

Like Scalia, Gorsuch holds an "originalist" view that the Constitution and laws should be interpreted with respect for the meaning that the words had to the people who voted for them at the time.

The last true "swing" justice was John Paul Stevens. He retired in 2010. "When Stevens leaves," the legal scholar Jeffrey Toobin wrote presciently, "the Supreme Court will be just another place where Democrats and Republicans fight."

Our market can create great jobs and amazing products. Like a competitive sport, it must be guided by a reasonable set of rules. The rules should not smother us, making compliance a greater challenge than a success.

The Trump administration needs to mobilize adequate international support for serious but limited consequences against Iran's recent acts — then swiftly begin the hard work of restoring a durable, predictable order along the blurry edge of the Western world.