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David Hurn/MagnumBy Alice KleinMiddle-aged men in Lycra – or “MAMILs” – may be onto something. People who keep cycling into their later years are surer on their feet, lowering the risk of falls that plague older folk.One-third of over 65s take a tumble each year. Apart from the physical injuries, the fear of a repeat can limit mobility and independence and lead to further health issues like arthritis and depression. About one-quarter of older people

Do antidepressants work for everyone?Bojan89/GettyBy Clare WilsonAntidepressants really do work, and should be prescribed to millions more people, if you believe today’s newspaper headlines. The reality is more nuanced, as we still don’t know that these drugs will help most people with less severe depression.The positive press has been triggered by a study out this week that found these medicines do relieve depression, contradicting previous claims they are little better than a placebo.The latest investigation

Psychedelic therapy may relieve depression in some peopleGeorgePeters/Getty By Jessica HamzelouThe way you speak may reveal whether a psychedelic drug could help treat depression or anxiety.Robin Carhart-Harris and his team at Imperial College London have been testing psilocybin – a hallucinogen found in magic mushrooms – in people with treatment-resistant depression. Their pilot study found that when it was given to 12 volunteers alongside psychological support, five of them no longer met the clinical criteria for a depression

Many types of flu are circulating in poultryIsaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty ImagesBy Debora MacKenzie in GenevaA type of avian flu has infected people for the first time. So far, the virus doesn’t seem to be especially threatening, but its jump from chickens to humans was unexpected: the World Health Organization says no similar strains have ever crossed over to people before.Last week, the Hong Kong government announced that a 68-year-old woman in Jiangsu Province in eastern China