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A skeptical Sen. Rand Paul met behind closed doors with President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state on Thursday, as the president tried to avoid an embarrassing defeat for his Cabinet pick.Trump called Paul Wednesday to urge him to meet with Mike Pompeo, now the CIA director, in the hopes he might drop his opposition to Pompeo. The two met in Paul’s Senate office building for fewer than 40 minutes. Pompeo smiled to

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is the only Senate candidate President Donald Trump has helped with fundraising, but Hawley still only managed to raise less than half the amount collected by the Democrat he hopes to unseat, Sen. Claire McCaskill.Hawley reported raising $1.5 million in the first quarter of 2018, according to paperwork his campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission. That total includes $1.29 million in contributions plus $206,220 transferred from the Trump fundraiser