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Erick Erickson, also known as Erick-Woods Erickson, is a politically conservative American blogger and editor-in-chief of the blog site

Quid est Veritas? "Quid est veritas?" Pontius Pilate asked Jesus of Nazareth. What is truth? It is in short supply in the 21st century. Western civilization is not really in decline, as many fret. It is reverting to its Greco-Roman pre-Christian norms. In

They claim to be the pro-life, pro-family party. But Republicans in Congress are starting to show they only care about lobbyists and money. Republicans have their priorities screwed up.

Democrats talk about tolerance and diversity, but they increasingly view anyone who thinks differently from them as evil. They can do so only because they have chosen the superficial diversity of color and gender over the diversity of thought.

The United States will only ever return to real federalism and real democracy when Anthony Kennedy and his accomplices exercise some humility in office.