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A new survey points out how vulnerable we are today to the debilitating effects of sustained anxiety and stress. It highlights the need for people to take steps to reduce negative impacts that can lead to more serious health consequences.

New York is just one of the many cities with sidewalk systems that are not accessible to all. Denying people in wheelchairs the same opportunity that the able-bodied have to get around our streets and buildings leads to social isolation, and fewer opportunities for jobs, education and civic participation. It is time to begin looking at this issue from a wheelchair user's viewpoint.

For the growing number of patients suffering from pain to sleep disorders, the desire for more natural approaches may be reaching critical mass. Some answers could be within our grasp.

No sooner do I come out questioning the effects of the recent commitment by policymakers and the medical establishment to upping the ante in addressing the nation's opioid epidemic than a new report appears pointing toward signs of success.