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SacramentoWhen Donald Trump last week endorsed San Diego area businessman John Cox for the California’s gubernatorial election, some of the Trumpiest grassroots Republicans were outraged. They blasted Cox, a fairly traditional conservative with a professional demeanor, and swore their fealty to Assemblyman Travis Allen, a populist Orange County bomb thrower whose campaign is built around cheerleading for the president.It’s not worth getting too deeply into the relative merits of each candidate, given that either man will

AP story on Philip Roth’s passing on the internet: standard newswire, fine as such, touches the bases quickly, even if it goes way over the conventional 21-word-max lede. He was “prize-winning,” “fearless”; his novels looked at “sex death assimilation fate” with “comic madness”; in the end it was “heart failure.”Excellent, I hear someone saying in the back, they have him cold and don’t see him, don’t need to. That goof-ball, the voice added.The voice is