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The Silence Of the Lambs Congress

Let’s compare what President Trump has accomplished since the inauguration (with that enormous crowd!) with what congressional Republicans have done.

In the past three weeks, Trump has: staffed the White House, sent a dozen Cabinet nominees to the Senate, browbeat Boeing into cutting its price on a government contract, harangued American CEOs into keeping their plants in the United States, imposed a terrorist travel ban, met with foreign leaders and nominated a Supreme Court justice, among many other things.

(And still our hero finds time to torment the media with his tweets!)

What have congressional Republicans been doing? Scrapbooking?

More than 90 percent of congressional Republicans kept their jobs after the 2016 election, so you can cross “staffing an entire branch of government” off the list. Only the Senate confirms nominees, which they’ve been doing at a snail’s pace, so they’ve got loads of free time — and the House has no excuse at all.

Where’s the Obamacare repeal? Where are the hearings featuring middle-class Americans with no health insurance because it was made illegal by Obamacare?

The House passed six Obamacare repeals when Obama was president and there was no chance of them being signed into law. Back then, Republicans were full of vim and vigor! But the moment Trump became president, the repeals came to a screeching halt.

After the inauguration (gigantic!), House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put out a plan for repealing Obamacare … in 200 days. They actually gave their legislative agenda this inspiring title: “The Two Hundred Day Plan.”


What was in the last six Obamacare repeals? If we looked, would we find “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” carefully typed out 1 million times? Seriously, what does Paul Ryan’s day look like?

This is the Silence of the Lambs Congress. They’re utterly silent, emerging from the House gym or their three-hour lunches only to scream to the press about Trump.

To the delight of the media, these frightened little lambs are appalled by nearly everything Trump does. They’ve been especially throaty about Trump’s temporary travel ban from seven terrorist nations — as designated by the Obama administration (and by everybody else who hasn’t been in a deep freeze in a Finnish crevasse for the past decade).

Just like the six Obamacare repeals, a refugee ban was already written and passed by one house of Congress. Then suddenly: the Silence of the Lambs. McConnell and Ryan are hiding under their desks, as Trump is being attacked from every side.

Way, way back, 15 long months ago, congressional Republicans didn’t have a problem with a total ban on Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Not for a mere three months like Trump’s order — but permanently, unless the director of the FBI, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence personally certified that a particular refugee posed no danger to the U.S.

That bill passed the House with an overwhelming, veto-proof majority, including 47 Democrats. Then it went to the Senate to die.

But when President Trump imposed a comparatively mild three-month ban on immigrants from Syria, Iraq and five other terrorist nations, the same Republicans who had voted for a limitless ban on refugees whiled away their days calling reporters to denounce Trump.

A little more than a year ago, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, bragged in a press release that he had introduced the House’s refugee ban, calling it a bill that would “protect Americans from ISIS.”

But when it came to Trump’s three-month pause, McCaul told the Post that Trump’s order “went too far.”

I guess that ISIS problem just sort of faded away. (Or maybe we should check with Mrs. McCaul, inasmuch as it’s her family money that makes Rep. McCaul one of the richest members of Congress.)

Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., who voted for the House’s permanent refugee ban, demanded that Trump immediately rescind his travel ban, babbling on about the “many, many nuances of immigration policy” — which he must have learned about on one of his congressional jaunts to a Las Vegas casino.

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., said that Trump’s order “overreaches and undermines our constitutional system.” Evidently, he was suddenly struck by the realization that it’s “not lawful to ban immigrants on the basis of nationality,” despite having voted to ban refugees on the basis of nationality just 15 months earlier. (I’m OK with this, provided the Syrians, Somalis and Yemenis are sent to live on Justin’s street after being told about his support for gay marriage.)

Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Ben Sasse, R-Neb., both rushed to The Washington Post with this refreshingly original point: NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS! Why, thank you, senators! Where would the GOP be without you?

The Post also quoted spokesmen — spokesmen! — for Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Rob Portman of Ohio and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina complaining about not having been briefed on Trump’s order. The senators themselves were far too busy to talk to the press because they were — wait, what were they doing again? Words With Friends? Decoupage?

Since the election, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., has been mostly occupied polishing his anti-Trump quotations to get a pat on the head from an admiring media. He complained about Trump’s order, saying it was “poorly implemented” and that he had to find out about it from reporters. (I wonder why.)

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for our entire lives, but Republicans in Congress refuse to do the people’s will. Their sole, driving obsession is to see Trump fail.

I am not presently calling for these useless, narcissistic, Trump-bashing Republicans to be defeated in their re-election bids, but they’re on my Watch List. To be cleared, they can start by getting off the phone with The Washington Post and passing one of those six Obamacare repeal bills.


Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events.


  • skipfoss

    I am sick and tired of this bunch of back stabbing RHINOs these low life anti Trump and Anti American senators, And the worst of all is Corker the biggest low life of all just happens to be from my state. I will do my damned best to see this jerk is not reelected to represent my state ever again, I do believe that he is pissed because he did not get a post in the Trump administration ,I am glad that President Trump had better since than to appoint this Obama hold over from what I have observed he was a big supporter of Omuslime and we do not need any more of these asswipes in office . GOOD BYE CORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AZ Conservative

      We have two of those idiots as Senators from Arizona, John McCain and Jeff Flake. Unbelievably McCain just won re-election, how can so many people be so stupid to re-elect him! Hi s advertising budget blew away new comer Dr. Kelli Ward. Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and hopefully enough people will see through him and vote him OUT!!!! Go Dr. Kelli Ward!

      • Michael

        We need term limits terribly bad, now.

        • AZ Conservative


      • WBC

        My sentiments, exactly, AZ, Conservative.

      • maxx

        McCain received the help of democrat crossover votes. The democrats know how important their Rino buddies are and therefore always make sure to keep them in office. AZ is not the only sate where this happens. Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are all kept in office by democrat votes. In Mississippi there was even video of democrats admitting they were paid cash to vote for Cochran. When a candidate like McCain and McConnell are 10 to 20 points behind two weeks before the election and still win it is a sure sign of democrat hanky panky.

    • maxx

      Set Corker up with a hooker or drug dealer or bribe and get it on video. These fools just can’t help themselves when it comes to money, sex or wild entertainment. The democommies have been doing this to many GOP guys for years. Politics is a “blood sport”. The democRats know this, the stupid GOP is still playing “pattie-cake”.

  • Max

    THESE “Republicans” obstructing victory are truly the basket of deplorables of whom Clinton spoke.

  • OhioHomeowner

    The House GOP’s “Better Way” plan… They remind me of the dog who caught the car, now what are they going to do? I have looked on Rep Wenstrup’s site for information, schedules, priorities. Silence.

  • bronx61

    It’s always your “frenemies” who are the most dangerous, dishonest, and destructive opponents. The GOP still awaits its much-needed purge.

    • Jerryb53

      Americans still await the much needed purge of the GOP.

  • Russell Q Jester




  • pepelafrench

    What have these people been doing for the last 8 years? The lack or preparation is astounding. It would seem that their commitment to their announced agenda is a mere velleity.

  • William B Stoecker

    I can remember when Ms. Coulter was a conventional Republican, a true believer in the status quo leadership. But gradually, like many of us, she became disillusioned with the RINO/Neocon traitors. And many others are following the same path, including Joseph Farah of WND and Sean Hannity of Fox News. Perhaps between Trump at the top and true patriots media types from below we can reform the Republican Party into something truly representing the patriots. Perhaps.

    • maxx

      It’s going to take a lot more effort. Conservatives will need to “declare war” on the GOP and come up with some serious strategies. Rinos survive because democrats work to keep them in office. We conservatives are at a big disadvantage, we do not have traitor democrats working for our side. So we must become smarter, tougher and meaner to get rid of the traitors in the republican party. The GOP cannot be allowed to continue as it has been for too long. Trump has dealt them a blow. It is our responsibility to keep the punches to the jaws coming.

    • Jerryb53

      Not reform, get rid of it. Get rid of the Party System altogether. It’s a corrupt system that George Washington didn’t like. I believe Jefferson hated it also. Doing away with the ‘Party Loyalty” syndrom will do wonders for a government and it’s people. Voting for ideas rather than Parties will create an atmosphere that will promote partisanship and a system that will be really for the people and by the people. Without a Party system and Term limits. No more than 2 terms in office. I say 2 terms because if we have a Senator or House member who is representing his district well you don’t want to remove him by a term limit restriction of only 1 term. He will still have to win his district in the next election. The people will decide if he gets that 2nd term. Doing away with the Party system eliminates the need for Lobbyists. If a member of Congress starts being influenced by big business and banks it will stand out. It won’t be hidden in with hundreds of Congressman belonging to a certain Party. If it looks like a Congressman is showing favoritism in return for favors it will stand out and an investigation could be started on that 1 Congressman.

      • WBC

        Jerryb53, I agree with you in principle, but I find your comments a bit hard to follow, and at times a bit contradictory. Perhaps you should start over and try again. An example of contradiction would be: first you say we should get rid of the Party System altogether ( an idea I’m sympathetic with, by the way) and then later you say that getting rid of the Party System will promote partisanship. That one leaves me scratching my head. Please clarify. 🙂

        • Jerryb53

          Very easy…No Party System no bi-partisanship. You vote for ideas not the Party line. See no Party, OH I got ya! How can you have partisanship without Parties. LOL! What I meant is getting rid of the Party System stop Congressman from voting along Party lines and then they would actually put forth their own ideas, at least I hope they would. Good Catch..

    • “Nothing in this world operates the way you think it does. Banks do not loan money, governments are not empowered to protect you, the police departments are not there to serve you, institutions of higher learning, colleges and educational institutions, are not there to educate you. The entire superstructure of civilization in the Western world is a combination of brilliantly put together and planned, well planned, schemes to direct the minds of the people in such a way as to serve their masters.” – Jordan Maxwell

  • Lougjr1

    The lousy bastard Republican senate, not all, but most have been making them selves very scarce indeed to help this President to get things moving. It is obvious that those of his own people have been sliding backward in helping him to move this country forward ASAP. What is on their minds? Are they afraid of his success which would make them look like a bunch of do nothings ? If they don’t start moving in his direction fast, I call for their replacement. The American people can demand them to resign and hold them responsible by holding a sit-in at their offices until they resign. So Republicans, it’s your choice and your move !

    • maxx

      85% of the senate are Repuklican Rinos. These are the GOP Establishment, these are the “old guard”. The people that have become more interested in KEEPING” their jobs than “DOING” their jobs. The GOP cannot be allowed to operate as traitors and obstructionists to their own base. Do some research of your GOP members in Congress. See where their financial support comes from. Many of you might be surprised that George Soros or one of his 150 misnamed socialist organizations are backing your senator of house member. If you find that out EXPOSE them.

    • Jerryb53

      That’s a good thought but people who call for protests and sit ins on the net, that they will follow through on, the majority who go along will not do anything. I tried to get a March on DC going back in 2009. I had 150 people respond with “Yea I’m in” “Let’s get in done” So I responded back to them and there was no response or the excuses of why they couldn’t do it started to pile up. I’m all for sit ins at Congressmen’s offices but we need media exposure, plus a coordinated effort and funding. Why do you thinks organizations like Black Lives Matter and all the other anarchist organizations funded by George Soros can get to the streets in 1 day. They have the funds from the Country-in-Chief-wrecker George Soros. If you want to try and get something going respond to this post. Set up another email account you will not use personally except for the purpose of what you indicated in your comment. Include it in your response and I will contact you through that email.

  • WBC

    Another stellar “right on” column, Ann. I began my relationship with the Republican Party back in the late 1950s and early ’60s. Since they opened up the “big tent” in the late ’60s, I have slowly watched the so-called Republican Party morph into an arm of the Democrat Party. They speak, now with a forked tongue. I quit supporting them financially several years ago, and I will continue to not support them until they get their act back together and return to real GOP principles. We are currently one political party in this country that is operating under two names. We conservative Republicans should all quit supporting these RINO WIMPS and encourage the two present parties to make it official and merge into the one party that they currently are . We old line Republicans should then throw our support toward the present existing Conservative Party. That way we would be back to a two party system once again in this country.

    • maxx

      Excellent post. You and I have very much in common. The old GOP IS WORTHLESS and must be changed or abolished. One liberal political party is one too much. But two is a travesty. And for people to allow it by doing nothing is a terrible travesty. .

    • Jerryb53

      The Party System needs to be abolished. I wrote a post above explaining my reasons. You can’t fix what is destroyed. Their is nothing worth while to fix. The GOP is beyond broken. What’s broken is the form of government. It no longer can function. We need to abolish the Party System and set term limits. Still retains the same number of seats of the House and Senate. Only they will be voting on ideas and not Party Loyalty.

  • maxx

    Excellent article as usual Ms. Coulter. The best thing that can happen is for the average conservative voter to realize that the GOP is their enemy and has been so for many decades. They now have almost everything they wanted. No super majority but everything else. Now watching them do something will be as frustrating and boring as watching the grocery truck be unloaded. Instead of yelling “repeal & replace” they simply need to repeal the damn thing because we do not need a law of any kind involved with government health care/insurance. What we need is a law that states that no program related to the public should be controlled in any way by the federal government. PERIOD. The federal government is totally incapable of running anything where it’s interference is involved. For starters repeal the ACA. Insurance companies that were driven out due to the ACA are still perfectly capable of selling insurance. None of them threw away the software they developed over the years to deal with health insurance. All they need is to make a few minor changes to the old software and be allowed to sell it across state lines. I know because I worked on health care insurance software and I also know all they did was archive what they had because they are businessmen and not fools like the government. This could be done in very little time at all. The people that did not have insurance before ACA will not have any now because they either chose not to buy or can’t afford it. These are the only people that the government will need to deal with, A very small number in comparison to the entire population. Just like you don’t buy 4 new tires when only one needs to b replaced. Trump should call in all the insurance industry CEO’s like he did with the High Tech guys and manufacturers. They will be able to tell Trump what they can do and how quickly. This foolishness of “replacing a bad law with another law is pure stupidity”.

    • Jerryb53

      I agree Maxx, repeal the dam thing and go back to what Health Insurance was before obama care. Then try to come up with a better plan. The GOP are a treasonous click that are taking part in a bloodless coup attempt. They are on the side of Soros and the left. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that every successful coup needs.
      As Ann pointed out they had balls passing Bills when they knew obama would veto or not sign them. Now a President is in office who will sign the repeal of OC in a NY minute and they are scared shitless because their master George Soros tells them when to eat and when to crap.

      The GOP keeps on throwing up lame excuses and they are running out of time before We the People take the matter of protecting Our Republic away from them and putting it in our own hands. They will rue the day that happens.

  • Jerryb53

    Yea the GOP has a set of balls when they know Obama wasn’t going to pass their repeal of Obama care Bills. Made the people think they were working for them. Then once they get a President who will sign these Bills immediately we here crickets from the GOP. They are not cowards. This is a plan to take over America. It’s a bloodless Coup with the Media, Congress, Soros, and others behind it. These Congressmen and women need to be held accountable for their treasonous behavior and arrested for Conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America. This is a deliberate attempt to by the GOP to put through the Socialist/Communist Agenda of the Left and NWO.
    This is a deliberate attempt to undermine the will of the people and a 1775 Revolution will take place if this crap is allowed to progress. Trump needs to call out Congress on this. Does the Media think if we have a 1775 Revolution that they won’t be in the cross hairs? They will have no one to protect them. Do the people in Congress who have sold out American Citizens think that they will not be in the cross hairs. They will have no one to protect them.
    George Soros is a wrecker of Countries and why is he being allowed to wreck America. Why hasn’t the CIA done to Soros like they’ve done to so many Foreign Presidents of Regimes they wanted to get rid of covertly. It must be because the CIA is behind this bloodless(presently) coup. Why else would the CIA not back Trump and his policy of draining the swamp. Let the draining commence.

  • Firewagon

    Absotootly! All “the president’s men” claim courageous intent to affect change; however, they loudly proclaim their support of change, as long as they are confident that NOTHING will happen! These dead beat GOP layabouts are the same bunch of democrat-lite clowns that have afflicted America for at least the last fifty-odd years….