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A tax bill about growth, not envy

Contrary to what Bernie Sanders thinks, what is good for business is good for the working families they employ.

As I listen to and read what those on the left have to say about the soon-to-be-law tax bill, I wonder where these folks think wealth comes from.
They like to talk about milking the cow but don’t seem to think it’s relevant to talk about where you get the cow.
They want to talk about redistributing wealth but have very little interest in the most fundamental issue, which is how wealth is created. Where does it come from?
Why, when we look around the world, are some countries so much more prosperous than others?
Or why, when we look at our own country, do we go through periods that are more prosperous than others?
America’s most famous socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, calls this tax bill a “massive attack on the middle class,” claiming that the priority

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Star Parker
Star Parker is an author and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.
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